Pretty Funny for a Girl

Pretty Funny for a Girl
by Rebecca Elliott

Ready for your next binge-read? Pretty Funny for a Girl is a candid and laugh-out-loud journey of family, friends, and fierce mistakes you won’t be able to put down.

To Haylah Swinton, there’s no better feeling than getting a laugh. Delivering a perfect one-liner in class or even making her four-year-old nutcase of a brother giggle makes her “twinkle” inside. Everyone knows she’s pretty funny, but secretly, she dreams of being a stand-up comedian star.

She watches videos, listens to podcasts, and studies the pros—all she needs now is the courage to perform the material she’s stashed away in her notebook. So after Leo Jackson—intelligent, cool, good-looking (you get the point)—performs a stand-up routine in front of the school, she jumps at the chance to ghostwrite his sets.

But life’s not all fun and games, even if Haylah, aka “Pig,” has mastered the art of making light of every situation. Her mom’s dropped a bomb on their family in the form of a bearded boyfriend, her best friends accuse Leo of taking advantage of her comedic chops, and she has a habit of making her plus-size figure a punchline before she becomes the bullies’ punching bag. But as she gains confidence in her body and talents, she realizes her dreams are just too big to be hidden behind the scenes.

Author Rebecca Elliott delivers Haylah’s story with an authentic and hilarious voice in the rhythm of a true comedian. Witty, sarcastic Haylah will win readers’ hearts and laughs as she stands up (no pun intended) for herself and her goals, supported by a relatable cast of friends and family. With a unique perspective into the world of stand-up, Pretty Funny for a Girl is the perfect balance of poignancy and comedic gold, not to mention your new go-to read.

Peek behind the curtain in this excerpt of the first chapter!

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“A feel-good story featuring a narrator who’s likable and genuinely funny, even at her most self-deprecating. Dreams, being true to oneself, body-image issues, single parenting, family dynamics, self-confidence, and a realistic depiction of friendship make this a refreshing coming-of-age read full of optimism, dreams, and plenty of stereotype-smashing laughs. A natural pick for Dumplin’ (2015) fans.” —Booklist

“Sharp, funny… The working-class British milieu feels freshly wrought, and Elliott’s characters are well balanced… [Haylah’s] comedy routine, though at times self-deprecating, also flips some stereotypes.” —Publishers Weekly

“Elliott, who has previously published picture books and early readers, nails the voice and persona of a high school girl…. A good purchase for libraries that need coming-of-age books centering body-positivity.” —School Library Journal

Whether you’re a giggler or you enjoy a whole-body-shaking belly laugh, don’t miss Haylah’s big debut in Pretty Funny for a Girl this October at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our brand-new Fall 2020 titles as well as our picture books and middle grade titles coming to Peachtree this season in paperback!