You’ve met the new characters heading to Peachtree this fall, so now it’s time to check out which of your Peachtree favorites are returning in paperback! From everyone’s favorite hamster making his debut in Spanish, to the perfect tale for little inventors, and a mystery that only an adventurous penguin can solve, this list has a story for every bookworm.

Picture Books

Stanley el contructor

Stanley el constructor
by William Bee

When Myrtle buys a plot of land, she asks Stanley to build her a new house. He clears the site with a bulldozer, pours the foundation, and paints the house in Myrtle’s favorite colors. Building houses isn’t so hard when you have great friends to help you out. William Bee’s wonderful Stanley series is great for readers transitioning from board books to picture books who love learning about occupations and machines.

Stanley y su escuela

Stanley y su escuela
by William Bee

It’s time for school with Stanley and Hattie! Read a story with Little Woo, Sophie, and Benjamin, play outside in the garden, and enjoy a tasty snack of lemonade and fruit salad before a nice little nap. Things get a little messy during art time, though . . . uh, oh! Featuring William Bee’s bright illustrations, adorable characters, and padded cover format, young readers will love exploring everyday classroom activities in this sweet, simple world.

Can I Come Too PB

Can I Come Too?
by Brian Patten
illustrated by Nicola Bayley

A very small mouse sets out to find something special―the biggest creature in the world. Along the way she meets a menagerie of animals, including a frog, a badger, and a tiger. But which is the biggest of all? From a world-renowned author and artist team, this gentle cumulative tale pulls readers along as every new animal joins the mouse on her journey.

Izzy Gizmo

Izzy Gizmo
by Pip Jones
illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Izzy Gizmo’s inventions are marvelous, magnificent―and they often malfunction. But when she finds a crow with a broken wing, she just has to help! Izzy tries again and again to build a new pair of wings, but nothing is working. And that makes Izzy really cross! Can Izzy overcome her failures? Or is her friend destined to live as a crow who can’t fly? With important themes of determination and friendship, this feisty tale is sure to capture the imaginations of aspiring inventors.

Little Red

Little Red
by Bethan Woollvin

On her way to Grandma’s house, Little Red meets a wolf. Which might scare some little girls. But not this little girl. She knows just what the wolf is up to, and she’s not going to let him get away with it. In this updated fairy tale with a mischievous twist, talented author and illustrator Bethan Woollvin uses sly humor, striking visuals, and dark irreverence to turn a familiar tale on its head.

Pipsqueaks Slowpokes and Stinkers

Pipsqueaks, Slowpokes, and Stinkers
Celebrating Animal Underdogs
by Melissa Stewart
illustrated by Stephanie Laberis

Written with a lively, playful voice, award-winning author Melissa Stewart’s humorous and informative nonfiction picture book introduces young readers to a variety of “animal underdogs” and explains how characteristics that might seem like weaknesses are critical for finding food and staying safe in an eat-or-be-eaten world. Stephanie Laberis’s bright, bold―and scientifically accurate―illustrations add to the fun.

Story Blanket PB

The Story Blanket
by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz
illustrated by Elena Odriozola

Babba Zarrah lives in a tiny village in the snow-covered mountains. The children love to sit on her story blanket and listen to her imaginative tales. One day Babba Zarrah notices that Nikolai needs new socks, so after the children leave, she unravels part of her story blanket and knits him some nice warm socks. As villagers start receiving mysterious gifts, the story blanket gets smaller and smaller until there’s nothing to sit on at story time. When the villagers finally discover Babba Zarrah’s secret, they decide to give her a surprise of her own.

Dangerous Jane PB

Dangerous Jane
The Life and Times of Jane Addams, Crusader for Peace
by Suzanne Slade
illustrated by Alice Ratterree

From the time she was a child, Jane’s heart ached for others. At first the focus of her efforts was on poverty, and lead to the creation of Hull House, the settlement house she built in Chicago. For twenty-five years, she’d helped people from different countries live in peace at Hull House. But when war broke out, Jane decided to take on the world and become a dangerous woman for the sake of peace. Suzanne Slade’s powerful text and Alice Ratterree’s stunning illustrations bring Jane Addams and her world to life.

Middle Grade

Bookshop Girl PB

The Bookshop Girl
by Sylvia Bishop
illustrated by Poly Bernatene

The Joneses have just won the Great Montgomery Book Emporium in a contest, and it’s every book lover’s dream! But there is more to the Emporium than its thousands of books in extravagant displays. The previous owner is hiding something that could destroy absolutely everything for the Joneses, and Property Jones has a whopper of a secret too. Sylvia Bishop’s whimsical tale features a cast of memorable, quirky characters, beautiful descriptions of the tactile pleasures of books, and the magical transporting quality of bookstores.

Mr Penguin Fortress of Secrets

Mr. Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets
by Alex T. Smith

When Mr. Penguin and Colin crash-land on a snowy mountain, they discover strange noises coming from an old, ruined fortress. Might it be connected to the mystery of missing pets? Why are there shadowy figures lurking about? And will Mr. Penguin conquer his fear of flying? This second installment in the humorous, page-turning series from Alex T. Smith, the author-illustrator of the popular Claude series, is sure to thrill young readers looking for a good adventure (and penguins!).

Nina Soni Former Best Friend

Nina Soni, Former Best Friend
by Kashmira Sheth
illustrated by Jenn Kocsmiersky

Nina tried as hard as she could, but still somehow she forgot about her school project. Fortunately, a class lesson about Alexander Fleming suggests how she might make a great discovery—and thus a great project! But with little sister Kavita’s birthday party right around the corner, and her longtime friendship with Jay on the rocks, Nina has a lot to keep track of. Readers are sure to relate to author Kashmira Sheth’s lovable and distractible Nina Soni and her efforts to manage her life with lists, definitions, and real-life math problems.