Society of Distinguished Lemmings

Do you think you’d make it in the Society of Distinguished Lemmings? Kick off your picture book summer reading list with this laugh-out-loud tale to find out!

Deep in their underground burrow, the Society of Distinguished Lemmings follow a strict set of society rules, including no walking on four legs, no eating with your hands, and certainly no questioning the rules! Bertie’s had enough of all these rules, and he’s decided to go outside. And what does he find outside? A bear! Bears are supposed to be very fierce and scary, but this bear is quite a lot of fun and most unlike a lemming! He shows Bertie how to roll in the flowers, climb trees, and jump in muddy puddles. When the other lemmings find out about the bear, they decide he’s not at all distinguished, he’ll have to change if he’s ever to fit in. Can a creature as big and clumsy as the bear ever be distinguished enough to be accepted by the Society?

Featuring valuable themes of finding new friends, challenging peers, and questioning the rules, bookworms of all ages will return to this summer reading pick again and again to discover the quirks of every distinguished lemming while also learning about the importance of staying true to yourself amidst pressure to conform.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of the Society? Take this personality quiz to find out!

Download the free discussion guide to answer questions with young bookworms and little lemming fans after reading.

“Even the most rule-bound reader will be cheered up by these stodgy lemmings.” —Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

“This debut picture book requires multiple reads to absorb all of the humor in the various lemmings’ conversations and activities like dressing and packing. A quirky addition.” —School Library Journal

“Colombet packs her story with vivid personalities (the earnest, wide-eyed lemmings are a collective hoot), visual jokes, and, as befits a large, opinionated community, many, many dialogue balloons. There is much to linger over and return to in these pages.” —Publishers Weekly

“Colombet’s story of friendship and embracing differences shines most in its endearing pencil illustrations, digitally colored in rustic tones. Speech bubbles scatter across scenes crowded with lemmings, resulting in an adorable and hilarious peanut gallery guaranteed to elicit giggles from little readers.” —Booklist

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