Rosie Loves Jack

Rosie Loves Jack
by Mel Darbon

“They can’t send you away. What will we do? We need us. I stop your angry, Jack. And you make me strong. You make me Rosie.”

Rosie loves Jack. Jack loves Rosie. So when they’re separated, Rosie will do absolutely anything to find him. Even defy her parents’ orders and run away from home. Even struggle across London and travel to Brighton on her own, though the trains are cancelled and the snow is falling. Even though people might think a girl like Rosie, who has Down syndrome, could never survive on her own.

This March, get ready to fall in love with sixteen-year-old Rosie, a strong and determined protagonist who won’t let anything stand in the way of finding her Jack. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have the support of her parents or that many people can’t believe someone like Rosie would be traveling through London by herself. Rosie loves Jack, and she’ll do anything to be reunited with the boy who makes the sun shine in her head.

Debut author Mel Darbon delivers a stunning, beautifully insightful YA novel that features an underrepresented but much-needed point of view in a voice-driven, heartfelt story of fighting for little freedoms, tolerance, and love.

Dive deeper into Rosie’s inspiring story with this discussion guide, and get to know debut author Mel Darbon in this Q&A.

“The plot is so engrossing that the book is almost impossible to put down. Yes, Rosie loves Jack, and readers are going to love Rosie.” —Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

“An enthralling story of resolve and grit… a moving and uplifting novel.” –The Guardian

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