Although the end of summer means the end of trips to the beach and afternoons spent relaxing by the pool, it also means a brand new list of books coming Fall 2019! This season, we’re introducing a very hungry fox, a sheep who wants to stay up late, and the man who walked a tightrope across the Niagara River. Readers will also see some series favorites as Stanley takes his friends for a train ride, and Mr. Penguin and Colin the Spider take on an other adventure. We are so excited to share these new titles with you, and we hope you enjoy! Let us know what books you are most looking forward to in the comments!

New Picture Books

One Fox

With something different to count on each page, learning to count from one to ten has never been so thrilling! This surprisingly simple counting book by debut author-illustrator Kate Read, great for early education and read-alouds, has a gripping tale and hugely satisfying ending that’s sure to delight generations.

Stanleys Train

Stanley’s passengers have a beach ball, a toy boat, and an inner tube. Find out where Stanley and his friends are going in the newest installment from William Bee’s popular Stanley series that is perfect for readers transitioning from board books to picture books.

Lana Lynn Howls at the Moon

Lana Lynn is an intrepid sheep who wants adventure. She finds a disguise and dashes into the wild woods to see what life is like as a wolf―but is life with the wolf pack everything it seems? Rebecca Van Slyke’s charming depiction of experiencing new things is accented by Anca Sandu’s humorous illustrations.

Aalfred and Aalbert

Aalfred and Aalbert lead solitary lives―so how will they ever meet? This adorable story about two aardvarks and an unlikely matchmaker will appeal to families with LGBTQ parents and family members as author-illustrator Morag Hood keeps children laughing with funny situations and entertaining teachable moments about relationships.

Duck and Penguin Are Not Friends

Duck and Penguin are not friends, despite what Betty and Maud might have you think. This laugh out loud tale about the secret world of toys from author-illustrator Julia Woolf makes the perfect read-aloud with a relatable topic and hilarious illustrations that will have children begging for multiple reads.

Lula and the Sea Monster

Before Lula and her family leave their home to make way for a new highway, Lula meets a small sea monster she names Bean. What will happen to him once she moves away? From popular children’s book author-illustrator Alex Latimer comes this delightfully odd story of friendship and bravery.

Little Tigers

As hunters approach their home in the jungle, Mother Tiger and her cubs, Puli and Sera, must venture to find a new home away from danger. With gentle text and stunning monochromatic illustrations, Jo Weaver reveals the wonder of nature, the excitement of discovery, and the strength of familial bonds.

Bird Count

Follow young Ava as she eagerly identifies and counts the birds she observes around her town during the Christmas Bird Count. This informative story by author Susan Edwards Richmond, coupled with Stephanie Fizer Coleman’s charming depictions of birds in their winter habitats, is the perfect book to introduce young readers to bird watching.

About Habitats Rivers and Streams

In this addition to the About Habitats series, award-winning author Cathryn Sill uses simple, easy-to-understand language to teach children what rivers and streams are and explain how various species of animals and plants have adapted to life in or along these waterways. John Sill’s detailed, full-color illustrations show the characteristics of the world’s different rivers and streams—from the mountain streams of the Alps to the mighty Amazon River in South America.

King of the Tightrope

What kind of man would walk across Niagara River right beside the might Niagara Falls on a tightrope? And more importantly, how do you become that man? Author Donna Janell Bowman’s trademark in-depth research gives readers a clear and exciting look into the accomplishments of The Great Blondin, and Adam Gustavson’s detailed illustrations turn this book into an experience that will inspire readers of all ages.

New Middle Grade Books

Nina Soni Former Best Friend

Introducing the first title in a new series featuring a lovable, distractible Indian-American girl and her family and friends, with illustrations by Jenn Kocsmiersky. Readers are sure to relate to author Kashmira Sheth’s endearing Nina Soni and her slightly scatter-brained efforts to manage her life with lists, definitions, and real-life math problems.

Mr Penguin Fortress of Secrets

Mr. Penguin is back with his dashing hat, battered satchel, and very helpful sidekick Colin the Spider! Mr. Penguin must face his fear of flying when the two adventurers crash-land on a snowy mountain. This second installment in the humorous, page-turning series from Alex T. Smith, the author-illustrator of the popular Claude series, is sure to thrill young readers looking for a good adventure.

Speed Demon

Eager to find his place at his elite new school, ninth-grader Tim Beeman is torn between running track and trying out for football. Where will he feel most comfortable and be able to put his speed to best use? Author Fred Bowen continues his Sports Story Series with play-by-play action that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats!

Save the Crash test Dummies

It’s not easy to imagine a world without cars! Filled with fun four‐wheeled nuggets of history and explanations of how cars actually work, this nonfiction book from former science educator and award-winning author Jennifer Swanson will appeal to lovers of all things that go and readers who are interested in getting in under the hood and seeing how things work.

Fault Lines in the Constitution Rev

Husband-and-wife team Cynthia and Sanford Levinson take readers back to the creation of U.S. Constitution, discuss how contemporary problems were first introduced, and offer possible solutions. Two brand-new chapters and revised text throughout keep this thoughtful exploration of this historic document timely with new content, updated graphics, and whole new sections on presidential pardons and the executive power to hire and fire government officials.