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Picture Books

Stanley the Builder

“Simplicity and good design make this pleasing picture book a riveting choice for young children intrigued by seeing big machines, using hand tools, and building things.” ―Booklist

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Stanley’s Diner

“Stanley’s new story line of working in the kitchen will appeal to any preschooler who plays house or pretends to cook.” ―School Library Journal

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Stanley the Farmer

“This first taste of farming will be loved by parents and children alike and is a great addition to any early years collection.” ―School Library Journal

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Stanley’s Fire Engine

“An adorable hamster, a fire engine, and fireworks: high preschooler appeal.” ―Kirkus Reviews

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Stanley’s Garage

“Stanley and his fellow rodents are adorable … [L]ittle listeners are sure to come back to Stanley over and over, as he explores jobs and uses equipment sure to pique their interest.” ―Kirkus Reviews

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Coming Fall 2021!

Stanley’s Library

It’s another busy day at Stanley’s library, and Stanley has stocked his bookmobile with lots of great books to take to the local park.

Stanley the Mailman

“All in all, Stanley has a good but very busy day, and kids will enjoy accompanying him through it.” ―Booklist

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Stanley’s School

“Order, balance, and contentment seem fundamental to the charm of the amiable series for young children.” —Booklist

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Stanley’s Store

“A terrific toddler time choice with loads of appeal for Stanley fans and those new to the series.” —School Library Journal

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Stanley’s Train

“A lovable choice for young railway fans.” —Booklist

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Board Books

Stanley’s Colors

Stanley and Little Woo are learning about colors and vehicles. There’s a red car, a yellow motorbike, and even a pink balloon!

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Stanley’s Paint Box

Stanley brings his paint box to paint a colorful castle with Little Woo, Sophie, and Benjamin. There’s red paint and blue paint and yellow paint and white paint. But what about the other colors?

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Stanley’s Lunch Box

Everyone’s favorite hard-working hamster Stanley introduces young readers to a variety of simple foods as he packs his lunchbox for a very important picnic.

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Stanley’s Shapes

Stanley and Little Woo are on vacation learning about shapes. Join them as they spot circles, squares, triangles, and more!

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Stanley’s Numbers

Stanley and Little Woo are learning to count. Help them gather the right number of snacks and decorations for their picnic!

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Stanley’s Toolbox

Stanley is helping Little Woo fix up his treehouse. They need to build a ladder, fix the roof, and hang some pictures. But Stanley also has a surprise—what could it be?

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Stanley’s Opposites

Join Stanley and Little Woo as they learn about big and small, open and closed, and more!

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Stanley’s Toybox

Stanley teams up with friends to introduce young readers to basic toys and their uses.

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Spanish Editions

Stanley el constructor

Stanley is building a house. Will he make it just right?

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Stanley y su escuela

Stanley has lots of eager students at school today!

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Coming Fall 2021

Stanley y su camión de bomberos

It’s another busy day for Stanley’s Fire Station!

Coming Fall 2021

Stanley y su tren

It’s another busy day on Stanley’s Train!

The Characters

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  Shamus & Little Woo

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The Author

William Bee is an artist and commercial designer who has worked for renowned fashion houses, including Issay Miyake and Paul Smith. As well as writing children’s picture books and board books, he races a vintage sports car, is an international skier, and when at home tends his lawns and meadow. He lives in England. You can visit his website here.

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Series Activity Kit

Join Stanley and his friends as they work, play, and learn around their community!

Stanley the Farmer Activity Kit

Join Stanley on the farm with fun activities, recipes, and more!

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