Reading aloud is a great way to engage young children with stories while expanding their vocabulary, developing their comprehension, and instilling a love of reading and learning.

Find some recommendations on great read alouds, for every age and occasion!

“The book is destined to be a high-
volume read-aloud, and much fun can 
be had trying to guess what the girl
 will choose” ―Kirkus Reviews
Fun Storytime Read Alouds

Ages 2–6
Bark Park
What’s the Time, Grandma Wolf?
No Bows! 
One Fox
Hat Tricks

“The repeated phrases will be sure to 
have sleepy children chiming in and 
Argent’s strong, rich watercolors offer 
beguiling parents and offspring.” 
Kirkus Reviews
Read Alouds for Further Discussion

 “Stockdale’s rhyming couplets are 
perfectly crafted. They’re as delightful
 to read aloud as her clean, bright 
acrylic paintings are to look at.” 
School Library Journal
Nonfiction Read Alouds
Transitional and Chapter Book Read Alouds
The Cheshire Cheese Cat

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