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You’ve Got Dragons

by Kathryn Cave
illustrated by Nick Maland

Worries, fears, and anxieties are all dragons that sneak up on most of us at one time or another.

Lots of people get dragons. Even really really good people get them. And sometimes they are hard to get rid of. So what can a young boy with a bad case of the dragons do? He can pretend they are not there, or that they are really quite harmless. Hugs from his mom help. Looking his dragon straight in the eye at least once every day helps even more. But most reassuring of all is the reminder that dragons don’t stay forever.

Kathryn Cave’s lighthearted writing style and illustrator Nick Maland’s appealing pen-and-ink drawings exaggerate the humor of the text without minimizing the seriousness of the underlying themes. It is the perfect read-aloud story for young children whose fears can sometimes get the better of them.

Format: Hardcover
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-56145-284-2
Publication Date: 7/1/2003
Page Count: 32
Size: 10-7/8 ̎ x 9-5/8 ̎
Age Range: 6 – 10
Language: English
AR Level: 2.9
F&P: L, Gr 2, Genre F
Themes: Anxiety, Fear, Metaphor, Worry


“This excellent metaphor for the fears and worries of every child (and adult) is accompanied by relentlessly cheerful illustrations in fine line and rosy washes of color. Even the dragons themselves, though fearsome, are kind of pastel. A great choice for the walking worried.” ―Booklist

“Toothy but disarmingly tubby dragons stand in for childhood worries in this light-toned bit of therapy.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Full of acknowledgement, simple and effective advice, and peppered with humor, this outstanding book addresses how our fears and worries can sometimes overwhelm and consume us while providing assurance that someday those dragons will go away.” ―”Books to Borrow, Books to Buy”

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Meet the Author

Kathryn Cave is the author of many books for children, including Henry Hobbs, You’ve Got Dragons, and Many Happy Returns, which was named one of the best books of the year in 1986 by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups. Her book Something Else was the recipient of the UNESCO Award in 1997 and was shortlisted for the Smarties Prize and the Kate Greenaway Award. She lives in England.

Meet the Illustrator

Nick Maland is the illustrator of numerous books for children. He has collaborated with author Kathryn Cave on three books: You’ve Got Dragons, The Brave Little Grork, and The Boy Who Became an Eagle. He lives in England.