October 29 marks National Cat Day and gives you the purr-fect excuse to curl up with a furry friend and a new book. Nap-loving felines are ideal reading companions, can be attentive listeners as you read aloud, or just stay in your lap while you finish one more chapter. We have a wide range of cat books, from pictures books about cats in trees, to middle readers about cats in England. So, find a cat, grab a book, and celebrate National Cat Day! (P.S. we tried to keep the puns to a minimum, but we can’t make any paw­­-misses.)

If You See a Kitten
by John Butler

An ideal read-aloud for very young children, this book cues a variety of reactions after the discovery of each new animal. Opening with the question of what you say “If you see a cuddly kitten…” kids will quickly become engaged with the gentle illustrations and interactive format of this picture book.

My G-r-r-r-reat Uncle Tiger
by James Riordan
illustrated by Alex Ayliffe

Once Marmaduke the tabby cat sees a picture of a tiger, he decides they must be related. Accompanied by his other feline friends, Marmaduke travels to the zoo to find meet many of his relatives, including his “Grrreat Uncle Tiger.” This book puts a purr-sonal twist on adventure, prompting readers to think about who our families are.

Where is Catkin?
by Janet Lord
illustrated by Julie Paschkis

Join mischievous Catkin as he explores the great outdoors and follows animal sounds, until he gets stuck in a tree and needs someone to hear him! The story’s seek-and-and element complements the vivid illustrations created from patterns and shapes found in nature. This a-mew­­-sing story about a curious cat will entertain readers of all ages.

Little TigersLittle Tigers
by Jo Weaver

As hunters approach their home in the jungle, Mother Tiger and her cubs, Puli and Sera, must venture to find a new home away from danger. They explore different homes, but some are too wet, some are too dry, and some are just downright unwelcoming. However, with their mother’s help, they may be able to find one that’s just right. With gentle text and stunning monochromatic illustrations, Jo Weaver reveals the wonder of nature, the excitement of discovery, and the strength of familial bonds.

Three Scoops and a Fig
by Sara Laux Akin
illustrated by Sara Kathleen Hartung

When all of Sophia’s family tells her she is too little to help prepare food for dinner, she finds comfort sitting in the fig tree and snuggling with her kitty, Figaro (named after the author’s parent’s cat). A gust of wind comes by and sparks Sophia’s inspiration, helping her create the perfect dessert to share with her grandparents! Sophia’s determination to help and the friendship of her trusty Figaro make a seemingly im-paw-ssible situation fun again.

I Am Tama, Lucky Cat
by Wendy Henrichs
illustrated by Yoshiko Jaeggi

A gentle monk takes in a stray cat and names him Tama, Lucky Cat. While Tama watches as his owner teaches Buddha’s way and show great generosity, he learns his own kindness. When a thunderstorm comes, Tama’s kindness and luck combine to save the life of a passing warlord. Beautiful water colors help retell this Japanese legend for today’s audiences, highlighting the regality and compassionate nature of cats. Enjoy with the furry (or hairless) feline companions in your life. Author Wendy Henrichs even has two cats of her own!

Old Tom’s Holiday
by Leigh Hobbs

After winning an all-expense paid vacation, Angela leaves her pet cat, Old Tom, at home, but she can’t help but think of him at every moment. When the two friends are suddenly reunited, they are able to fully enjoy the trip, together. This book’s humorous description of a furry friendship is great choice for pet owners of all ages to share with their four-legged friends (even though the author is actually allergic to cats!), revealing the excitements and difficulties of owning a cat.

Old Tom, Man of Mystery
by Leigh Hobbs

Angela and Old Tom are back! When Angela starts to get overworked, she decides her pet cat Old Tom should start helping clean up around the house. But instead of sweeping and washing, Old Tom—with all his cat-itude—disguises himself as the Man of Mystery, starting an adventure that even Angela can’t ignore. Readers will love following Old Tom on his adventures and being reminded of all the fun cats add to our lives.

Tiger in My Soup
by Kashmira Sheth
illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

While their mom is away, a younger brother pleads for his older sister to read to him. She refuses and keeps her nose in her own book. But when he conjures up a sinister tiger in his soup and still can’t get his sister’s attention, he must fight it alone. Leaping into the wilder and bigger side of the cat family with bright images and fun perspectives on each page, this book is sure to excite!

The Cheshire Cheese Cat
by Carmen Agra Deedy & Randall Wright
illustrated by Barry Moser

“It was the best of toms. It was the worst of toms.”

Skilley, an alley cat, strikes up a deal to protect Pip, a mouse, in return for a job at the Cheshire Cheese Inn. But, when cat and mouse are drawn into a crisis that could end in cat-astrophe, the Inn, the British monarchy, and their friendship is at stake. Set in Victorian England, The Cheshire Cheese Cat pays homage to Charles Dickens, who was once quoted saying, “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” This middle reader chapter book’s themes of felines and friendship make it a great reader for any animal lover.