Lillians Fish PBA band of family pets secretly embark on a mission to find a fish that has mysteriously disappeared in this illustrated middle grade tale of family and friendship, perfect for fans of classics like Charlotte’s Web and Winnie the Pooh.

Lillian lives in a big house with her mother and father, her aunt and uncle, and her seven brothers. It’s tradition in her big family for each child to receive a pet on their sixth birthday, so when Lillian turns six, she gets a fish! This is no ordinary fish. This particular fish ripples and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Lillian loves her birthday gift until one day, the little fish disappears!

Lillian is devastated, so she and her brothers begin to work together to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, the other family pets―the horse, the goat, the dog, the cat, the turtle, the spider, and the bird―secretly band together to crack the case of the missing birthday fish. They soon discover a trail of clues leading them along the river, deep into the woods, and on a fantastic adventure filled with new places and strange creatures!

Now available in paperback, author James Menk’s delightful, lively tale of discovery and friendship will enchant readers of all ages. Louisa Bauer’s captivating drawings bring this charming story of children and their pets to life for an immersive summer middle grade read aloud.

Dive into this thrilling middle grade tale in this excerpt, and lead a summer book club with this free discussion guide!

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