Have you ever been annoyed with a family member before? Or maybe even thought that your family is a group of people that you just have to “put up with?” This is exactly how Charlie feels before beginning his Thanksgiving break.

Charlie’s family has invited fifteen people over for Thanksgiving dinner, and Charlie is very disappointed to hear that one of those people will be his annoying little cousin, Chip. Chip follows Charlie around, messes up his things, and gets him into trouble. Soon, Charlie is so exasperated, that he teams up with his siblings, Matt and Mabel, to lock Chip in the bathroom!

Charlie loves to play soccer against his garage door and call his little sister “the Squid,” and just like any other middle school boy, he wants to watch shows on superheroes and pretend he is the next great athlete to take over the professional league. But Charlie is challenged over his Thanksgiving break to welcome every visitor that walks into his home, even the ones that annoy him more than most. For any child who finds themselves constantly bothered by a sibling, cousin, or even neighbor, this book will help readers realize that a family is a group of people you love no matter what.

This is the fourth installment in the Charlie Bumpers series, and it does not disappoint! It will keep readers laughing at the havoc that befalls this family during what is supposed to be a typical Thanksgiving holiday.

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