The summer reading adventure continues with some fabulous chapter book picks! From a King & Kayla case for newly independent readers to solve, to middle grade mysteries and a Sri Lankan jungle adventure, these thrilling page-turners are sure to keep young bookworms engaged all summer long.

King Kayla Case of the Unhappy Neighbor

King & Kayla and the Case of the Unhappy Neighbor
by Dori Hillestad Butler
illustrated by Nancy Meyers


When Jillian’s dog, Thor, is accused of digging up Mr. Gary’s garden, King and Kayla put their detective skills to work to clear his name. A witness to the crime tells King that the culprit is a “new guy” who likes to fight. But who could that be? And can they track down this new guy and clear Thor’s name? The King & Kayla series from Geisel Honor Award-winning team Dori Hillestad Butler and Nancy Meyers is perfect for readers transitioning from easy readers to beginning chapter books and great for introducing important concepts of fact gathering, list making, clues, and analytical thinking.

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Lillians Fish PB

Lillian’s Fish
by James Menk
illustrated by Louisa Bauer

When Lillian turns six, her favorite gift is an extraordinary, shimmery, and colorful fish. But when the brand-new birthday fish disappears, the other family pets secretly band together to help unravel the mystery. A trail of clues soon leads the animals on a fantastic adventure along the river and deep into the woods, where they encounter new places and strange creatures. James Menk’s delightful, lively tale of discovery and friendship will enchant readers of all ages. Louisa Bauer’s captivating drawings bring this charming story of children and their pets to life.

Dive deeper into Lillian’s Fish with a free discussion guide.

Homer on the Case

Homer on the Case
by Henry Cole


Homing pigeon Homer and his parrot friend Lulu learn something is afoul when they witness a four-legged crime-spree in their neighborhood. Can Lulu and Homer track down the bandits and lead their human keepers to the culprits’ hideout to stop the thieves? Award-winning author-illustrator Henry Cole delivers a fun, action-packed middle grade mystery that will keep readers guessing if the crime-solving pigeon will get his guy. A supporting cast of animals and humans forms a community that will have every reader wishing they could join in the hunt.

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Girl Who Stole an Elephant

The Girl Who Stole an Elephant
by Nizrana Farook


Chaya, a nobleman’s rebellious, outspoken, no-nonsense daughter, just can’t resist the shiny temptations the king’s palace has to offer. But playing Robin Hood for her impoverished community doesn’t come without risks, and after leaving her village as a thief, can she return as a hero? Or will Chaya’s sticky fingers be the beginning—or the end—of everything for her and her intrepid gang? Own Voices debut author Nizrana Farook spins a page-turning middle grade tale in a lush, fictional Sri Lankan setting. Just right for adventure fans, the book explores themes of friendship and loyalty, risk and reward, and heroism.

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