We have some fabulous books coming out this fall! Check them out and let us know what you think!

Picture Books:

About Raptors: A Guide for Children

Written by Cathryn Sill and Illustrated by John Sill

HC: $16.95, September 2010, 978-1-56145-536-2, Ages 3-7
About Raptors uses simple, clear language to introduce a young audience to the many types of raptors that live in various parts of the world. The book covers the physical characteristics, the nesting habits, and the movements on land and water of the fascinating birds of prey.

The Blue House Dog

Written by Deborah Blumenthal, Illustrated by Adam Gustavson
HC: $15.95, August 2010, 978-1-56145-537-9, Ages 4-8
A boy without a Dog—and a dog without an owner—find each other in this powerfully moving story of loneliness and redemption. When his elderly owner dies, Bones is left to wander the neighborhood. But someone is watching—Cody, a young boy who once had a dog he loved very much. Slowly, cautiously, Bones and Cody grow closer, as each learns to trust and love again.

Immi’s Gift

Written and Illustrated by Karin Littlewood
HC: $15.95, October 2010, 978-1-56145-545-4, Ages 4-8
Immi is a little girl who lives in a faraway, frozen white land, where people rarely travel. But one day, as she fishes for supper, she discovers the most colorful thing she has ever seen… A beautiful wooden bird that will brighten her life in many different ways—and trigger a wonderful cycle of curiosity and connectivity.

Mr. President Goes to School

Written by Rick Walton, Illustrated by Brad Sneed
HC: $15.95, July 2010, 978-1-56145-538-6, Ages 4-8
When Mr. President becomes frustrated and overwhelmed by the many pressures of his job, he puts on a silly disguise and returns to the place where things are just a little bit simpler…kindergarten! While Mr. President is enjoying snack time and shaking it all about with his new classmates, he is also relearning important lessons in sharing, caring and compromise. Mr. President brings what he learned back to the White House and takes a fun new approach to getting his job done.

Three Scoops and a Fig

Written by Sara Laux Akin, Illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung
HC: $15.95, August 2010, 978-1-56145-522-5, Ages 4-8
Tired of always being “in the way” in the busy kitchen of her family’s Italian restaurant, Sofia cooks up a delicious new recipe of her own.

Ol’ Bloo’s Boogie-Woogie Band and Blues Ensemble

Written by Jan Huling, Illustrated by Henri Sørensen
HC: $16.95, September 2010, 978-1-56145-436-5, Ages 6-10
The Bremen Town Musicians, featuring a group of questionably talented but determined animals, is retold with a spicy Louisiana flair.

New in Paperback

Little Rabbit’s Christmas

Written and Illustrated by Harry Horse
PB: $7.95, October 2010, 978-1-56145-557-7, ages 2-6
On Christmas morning the red sled I waiting for Little Rabbit, courtesy of the Christmas Rabbit. Little Rabbit cannot wait to try it out and show it off to his friends. Everyone begs him for a turn, and Little Rabbit goes off in a huff to sled alone. But when a fast hill and a frozen stream spell trouble for Little Rabbit, he quickly learns the value of friendship.

The Horned Toad Prince

Written by Jackie Mims Hopkins, Illustrated by Michael Austin
PB: $7.95, September 2010, 978-1-56145-548-5, Ages 4-8
Reba Jo loves Riding all other the wild Prairie and roping any critter unlucky enough to cross her path. But when the spunky cowgirl finds herself in a mess of trouble, she’s forced to strike a deal with a horned toad—he’ll save her hide, but only if she grants him three wishes.

Snow Day!

Written by Lester L. Laminack, Illustrated by Adam Gustavson
PB: $7.95, October 2010, 978-1-56145-553-9, Ages 4-8
HC and CD: $19.95, 978-1-56145-554-6
CD Only: $6.95, 978-1-56145-556-0
When the television weatherman predicts a big snowfall, the narrator gleefully imagines the fun-filled possibilities of an unscheduled holiday from school.

New in Spanish:

14 Vacas Para America

Written by Carmen Agra Deedy, Illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez, Afterword by Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah
HC: $17.95, August 2010, 978-1-56145-550-8, Ages 6-10
PB: $8.95, 978-1-56145-555-3
In the Spanish version of the powerful new New York Times bestselling children’s book from Carmen Agra Deedy, this true story recounts the gift of hope, generosity and compassion one small Kenya village made to the American people in the face of tragedy. This Spanish version is being released in both a hardcover and paperback
Middle Readers and Young Adult:


Written by Chris Platt
HC: $14.94, September 2010, 978-1-56145-541-6, Ages 8-12
Thirteen-year-old Lily O’Neil’s passion is Arabian horses. Someday she wants to be a great endurance rider like her mother. But a year earlier, when a freak riding accident too her mother’s life, Lily’s father sold her beloved horse and forbade her to ride ever again. Lily is determined to fulfill her mother’s dream. But how will she convince her father to let her ride again?

Hide and Seek

Written by Katy Grant
HC: $15.95, August 2010, 978-1-56145-542-3, Ages 8-12
Thirteen-year-old Chase, a geocaching enthusiast, must constantly rely on his wits to solve unexpected problems. This outdoor adventure and boy’s coming-of-age story is set in the remote, rugged mountains of North Arizona.

Throwing Heat

Written by Fred Bowen
PB: $5.95, July 2010, 978-1-56145-540-9, Ages 7-12
Jack throws the fastest pitches around, but lately his blazing fastballs haven’t been enough. He’s got to learn new pitches to stay ahead of the batters. But can he resist bringing the heat?


Written by Kristen Wolden Nitz
HC: $16.95, October 2010, 978-1-56145-543-0, Ages 12-16
Jen is surprised by her grandmother’s latest obsession: Jen’s long-absent mother. Grandma Kay now believes that Jen’s mother was murdered on the day she vanished almost fifteen years ago. As the family gathers at Grandma Kay’s bed-and-breakfast for a murder-themed weekend, Jen confronts not only her ambivalent feelings toward her mother, but also the person responsible for her mother’s death, a person whom she had loved and trusted all her life.

New in Paperback:

Gabriel’s Triumph: Book Two in the racing to Freedom Trilogy

Written by Alison Hart
PB: $4.99, July 2010, 978-1-56145-547-8, Ages 8-12
The year is 1864, and with his competitive spirit and natural talent for racing horses, Gabriel is burning up the horse track—and stacking up wins for his former mast, Mister Giles.
When Mister Giles asks him to ride Aristo, a powerful but unpredictable horse, in the prestigious Saratoga Chase, Gabriel jumps at the chance to compete against some of the greatest jockeys in the business. But as soon as he begins the journey to Saratoga with Aristo by boxcar, he finds that high-stakes horse racing can be a nasty business. Gabriel also learns the difficult lesson that being freed is not the same as being free.

Moon Shadow

Written by Chris Platt
PB: $6.95, September 2010, 978-1-56145-546-1, Ages 8-12
A young girl’s love for a beautiful mustang mare fuels her fierce determination to save the life—against all odds—of the wild horse’s orphaned filly.

Willow King

Written by Chris Platt
PB: $6.95, September 2010, 978-1-56145-549-2, Ages 8-12
Inspired by the true experiences of a real championship racehorse, this beautiful tale is a moving celebration of the power of caring and the rewards of hard work. When thirteen-year-old Katie Durham learns that the owner of a neighboring Thoroughbred farm is going to destroy a newborn colt, she rushes to save him. Although Willow King’s legs are badly twisted, Katie fights for his life, begging for the chance to raise and train him. Because one of Katie’s own legs is nearly an in shorter than the other, she feels an immediate kinship with Willow King. Together, Katie and Willow King embark on a demanding journey of training that becomes more challenging than Katie ever expected. Yet through it all, she remains determined to see this brave little colt grow into the beautiful Thoroughbred champion she knows he’s meant to be.