Project Description

Cats Vanish Slowly

by Ruth Tiller
illustrated by Laura L. Seeley

Meet the cats on Grandmother’s farm in twelve delightful poems.

Countless cats live on Grandmother’s farm. They hide in the shade under the porch, prowl through the grass, doze in comfortable laps, vanishing as they please into the shadows. Meet B.P., a “bad penny” who’s loyal to the bone, Mama Gray with her many kittens, and Buddha, the cat who might be a mystic, or might just be a cat. They make themselves at home, ruling the farm and the people who live there.

Poet Ruth Tiller captures the personalities and moods of each of her cats in clear, concise language easy enough for young readers, but with evocative imagery and varied rhythms that engage older readers as well. Laura Seeley’s soft and subtle cat portraits bring Tiller’s language to life while creating a beautiful, mysterious atmosphere.

This book is out of print

Format: Hardcover
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-56145-106-7
Publication Date: 10/1/1995
Page Count: 32
Size: 8″ x 12″
Age Range: 6 – 10
Language: English

GRL: V, Gr 5
Themes: Cats, Farm Life, Poetry


“Only an accomplished poet could wind her way as gracefully and surefootedly around and through perfectly chosen words and phrases as Tiller does… and only a chronic ailurophile could portray the elusive, often mysterious feline personality with such affection as Seeley.” ―Publishers Weekly

“Colorful imagery lovingly evokes the characteristics and traits of the different cats, and soft, detailed paintings capture their dignity, humor, and mysticism.” ―School Library Journal

“This wonderful book serves as a tribute both to cats, and to the people who take them in and care for them.” ―Through the Looking Glass


Georgia Author/Illustrator of the Year (Juvenile Literature) ―Georgia Writers Association, 1995

39th Annual Exhibition ―Society of Illustrators

Meet the Author

Ruth Tiller is the author of several picture books, including Cats Vanish Slowly, Wishing, and Cinnamon, Mint, and Mothballs, which was named an Honor Book recipient for the Marion Vannett Ridgway Memorial Award and featured as a “Flying Start” in Publishers Weekly. She holds a master’s degree in English literature from Georgia State University and lives in California.

Meet the Illustrator

Laura L. Seeley holds a degree in fine arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She has written and illustrated numerous children’s books. She lives in California. You can visit her website here.