Author/Illustrator Visits

Interested in having an author come to your school or library? Contact us to find out if there is an author near you and to schedule an event.

To plan your event, please consider the following steps before contacting Kelsey Medlin at (404) 876-8761 x 112 or

  1. Determine who your audience will be. Consider student age and grade levels.
  2. Decide which author or illustrator best fits your needs.
  3. Before getting in contact with us, establish several possible dates for the visit. (You will need to schedule a visit four months to a year before the actual date).
  4. Decide how many students, teachers, parents and others will be in attendance. This number will help you determine how many presentations the author will need to do throughout the day. Four to five programs, lasting 45 minutes each, are typically the maximum most authors can fit into a single day. Consider what you want to achieve from the visit and what size audience will help ensure its success. Teacher supervision and support is always expected during the entire visit.
  5. Discuss the honorarium with the PTA or budget coordinator at your school to determine what will fit into your budget.

Note: Author and illustrator honoraria range from $400 to $2,500+ a day. Meals, lodging and traveling expenses are not included in this fee and are the responsibility of the Organizer to arrange.

  1. For honorarium information for a specific author or illustrator, you may contact Kelsey Medlin at (404) 876-8761 x 112 or email Additionally, if you are interested in using book sales to help fund your visit, call Kelsey Medlin at 1 (800) 241-0113 or

After contacting us to schedule a particular author or illustrator on a particular date, we will confirm the event with you by sending an event contract. This contract must be signed and returned to us for the event to move forward.

After the event has been confirmed and before the event occurs, please consider the following steps to prepare for the visit:

  1. Teachers and students can prepare by doing a study of the author or illustrator or reading the author or illustrator’s book and discussing them in class. Be sure to inquire about the availability of a Teacher’s Guide for the book(s). Encourage students to make posters and signs to spread the word about the visit.
  2. Order books through your favorite local bookstore or order directly from Peachtree. To order directly, contact Kelsey Medlin in the sales department at 1 (800) 241-0113 or We recommend ordering books 10-14 days before the event. We also encourage sending students home with an order form, which we can supply upon request, prior to the event.

Note: After the event, unsold books may be returned as long as they are still in sellable condition.

  1. For the author or illustrator’s AV and other equipment needs, contact Kelsey Medlin at (404) 876-8761 x 112 or email
  2. If the author or illustrator is staying overnight to attend your event, please book their hotel and prepare meal options. On the day of the event, authors or illustrators can lunch with teachers or star students if desired, and we also suggest having recommended dinner options prepared. We also recommend booking a hotel with a complimentary breakfast.

On the day of the event, please consider the following suggestions:

  1. Please have the author or illustrator’s honorarium check ready on the day of the event, made out to the author or illustrator directly.
  2. Have a schedule of the day’s events to give to the author or illustrator when they arrive.
  3. If books are going to be signed individually to each student, have a parent or teacher write the student’s name clearly on a sticky note in order to avoid misspelled inscriptions.
  4. Assign a helper to assist the author during the book signing by taking each book from the next student in line and turning to the title page before handing the book to the author for signing. This process will help keep the line moving.
  5. Parent or adult helpers should be on hand to keep the book signing line orderly and to help sell books to last minute buyers.