by Kathryn O. Galbraith
illustrated by Adela Pons
Age Range: 2-6

Join the adorable cast of toddlers on a joyful romp through the park and the seasons.

by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill
Age Range: 2-6

A simple, vibrant board book series introducing the littlest readers to the wonders of the natural world.

by William Bee
Board Book Age Range: 2-6
Picture Book Age Range: 3-7

Meet Stanley and his friends, an adorable cast of characters who live in a busy world! Each lovable story is full of: how things work, occupations, machines, shapes, colors, and fun!

by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill
Age Range: 3-7

The About… series describes clearly and simply how animals look, where they live, what they eat, how they defend themselves, and how they care for their young.

by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill
Age Range: 3-7

The About Habitats series introduces children to specific habitats and their living and nonliving components.

by Melissa Stewart
illustrated by Higgins Bond
Age Range: 6-10

Introducing readers to some of the pressing environmental issues facing the world today.

by Alex T. Smith
Age Range: 7-9

Claude is an ordinary dog who leads an extraordinary life! Each day when his owners leave for work, Claude and his friend Sir  Bobblysock decide what adventure they will have. What will happen today?

by Dori Hillestad Butler
illustrated by Nancy Meyers
Age Range: 7-9

A lovable dog helps his human girl solve mysteries in this easy-to-read mystery series.

by Bill Harley
illustrated by Adam Gustavson
Age Range: 7-10

Meet Charlie Bumpers, a fourth grader who always seems to find himself making the best of a bad situation. Charlie tries to do the right thing, but his plans don’t always work out the way he wants them to.

by Alison Hart
illustrated by Michael G. Montgomery
Age Range: 7-10

Fast-paced historical fiction told from a working dog’s point of view. Follow Darling, Murphy, Finder, and Leo onto the battlefield, out of danger, and into their human’s hearts.

by Kashmira Sheth
illustrated by Jenn Kocsmiersky
Age Range: 7-10

An Own Voices chapter book series starring a lovable, distractible Indian-American girl and her family and friends.

by Fred Bowen
Age Range: 7-12

Exciting team play-by-play action, snappy dialogue, realistic conflicts, and engaging plots enhance these middle grade sports novels which also feature fascinating glimpses into sports history.

by Alex T. Smith
Age Range: 8-12

Meet Mr. Penguin. He has a dashing hat. He has a battered satchel. Now he just needs an adventure!