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Virtual Storytimes

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Upcoming Storytimes (2 p.m. EST, unless otherwise noted):


Archived Storytimes:

Picture Books for Ages 2-6:

Hat Tricks read by Peachtree Staff

Picture Books for Ages 3-7:

Stanley’s Store read by Peachtree Staff

Picture Books for Ages 4-8:

Am I Yours? read by author Alex Latimer
Duck and Penguin Are NOT Friends read by Milkshake TV
Going Down Home with Daddy read by author Kelly Starling Lyons
Lali’s Feather read by author Farhana Zia
Lana Lynn Howls at the Moon read by Lester Laminack
Madeline Finn and the Library Dog read by author-illustrator Lisa Papp
Three Hens and a Peacock read by author Lester Laminack

Illustrated Chapter Books for Ages 7-10:

King & Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats ready by author Dori Hillestad Butler


Ages 2-6:

One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller read by author-illustrator Kate Read

Ages 4-8:

Bird Count read by author Susan Edwards Richmond
The King of Bees read by author Lester Laminack
Pipsqueaks, Slowpokes, and Stinkers read by author Melissa Stewart

Folk and Fairy Tales:

Ages 4-8:

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach read by author Carmen Agra Deedy
The Monster Who Ate My Peas read by author Danny Schnitzlein

Ages 5-9:

Bo the Brave read by Peachtree Staff
Little Red read by author Bethan Woollvin
Rapunzel read by author Bethan Woollvin

Picture Book Biographies:

Ages 6-10

Away with Words read by author Lori Mortensen
King of the Tightrope read by author Donna Jannell Bowman

Social/Emotional Learning Picture Books:

Ages 6-10

You’ve Got Dragons read by Peachtree Staff

Permissions Information

We want to do everything we can to help kids, parents, educators, librarians, and booksellers cope with the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in now. So we’re happy for you to read our titles to your audiences, but do ask that you follow some guidelines to help us protect our creators’ copyrights.

  • At the beginning of your video, please state that you are reading the title “with permission from Peachtree Publishing Company, Inc.”
  • Readings can be streamed live via social media or digital platforms. If pre-recorded, please post your reading within a closed platform or group for your members only. If a closed platform is unavailable, recorded videos of read-alouds may be uploaded to YouTube as long as they are marked as “Unlisted.”
  • Please delete your video by the end of this current school year, no later than December 31, 2020.
  • Please reply to permission@peachtree-online.com with your name, school, city and state, and the title and author/illustrator of the book you will read online.
  • By posting a reading, you are agreeing to abide by the above terms.
  • If you are looking for videos of our authors reading their own books aloud, please contact us at permission@peachtree-online.com to see which author read-aloud videos we have available.

We would also love to follow along with your read-aloud, so please tag us on social media in any posts affiliated with it!

Thank you for everything you are doing to help kids and families during this difficult time.


Click here for all of our activities and event kits. Below are a few of our most popular activities!

Activities with Authors & Illustrators

Looking for activity ideas or ways to add fun to remote learning? Check out the videos below and follow along with our authors and illustrators as they demonstrate easy activities and even draw characters from their books. Click here for more!

Art & Illustration

Sketch a frog with illustrator Robert Meganck

Sketch a chickadee with illustrator Robert Meganck

Sketch characters with author-illustrator Lisa Papp

Sketch characters with author-illustrator Bethan Woollvin

Civics/Social Studies

Cynthia Levinson (Fault Lines in the Constitution) on “Emergency Powers”

Cynthia Levinson (Fault Lines in the Constitution) on being “At War with Bugs”


Explore activities with author Susan Edwards Richmond

Create jumping origami frogs with author Leslie Bulion

Automotive and engineering activities with author Jennifer Swanson

Nonfiction resources from author Melissa Stewart

Teacher’s Guides

Click here for all of our teacher’s guides. Below are a few favorites!

Virtual Author Visits

Looking for ways to connect with authors virtually? These authors are available! Check out their information below, or contact us at publicity@peachtree-online.com with any questions.

Nancy Armo

Nancy Armo (A Friend for Mole) offers 10-minute virtual visits for kindergarten and first grade for no fee.

For more information, please visit Nancy’s website: https://www.nancyarmo.com/contact

Farhana Zia

Farhana Zia (Lali’s Feather) offers 15-20 minute virtual visits at no fee. Her visits include a Q&A time or information about her books.

For more information, please visit Farhana’s website: http://www.fziastories.com/home/school-visits-1

Kashmira Sheth

Kashmira Sheth (Tiger in My SoupNina Soni) offers 30-45 minute virtual visits. Her visits include discussing anything related to writing for any age. She covers the writing process, developing chapter book series, writing picture books, and generating story ideas.

For more information, please visit Kashmira’s website: http://kashmirasheth.com/school_visits/virtual_visits.php

Susan Edwards Richmond

Susan Edwards Richmond (Bird Count) describes her virtual visit as primarily a readaloud paired with an upfront introduction about the Christmas Bird Count and a brief birding identification. She offers a 20-minute virtual visit for no fee.

For more information, please visit Susan’s website: https://www.susanedwardsrichmond.com/author-visits

Dori Hillestad Butler

Dori Hillestad Butler (King & Kayla series) offers a 15-minute virtual “Meet & Greet” Q&A session for no fee. For more than one Q&A time or for a visit longer than 15 minutes, there is a fee.

For more information, please visit Dori’s website: http://www.kidswriter.com/author-appearances-new/

Lori Mortensen

Lori Mortensen (Away with Words) offers a 15-20-minute session for $100. She discusses the story behind the story of her picture book Away with Words: The Daring Story of Isabella Bird, Isabella Bird’s red notebook challenge, and how Bird challenged society’s boundaries for women.

For more information, please visit Lori’s website: https://www.lorimortensen.com/school-visits

Donna Janell Bowman

Donna Janell Bowman (King of the Tightrope) offers a 15-minute virtual Q&A session for no fee. Contact the author about rates for a full virtual author visit.

For more information, please visit Donna’s website: https://www.donnajanellbowman.com/school-visits/

Deborah Hopkinson

Deborah Hopkinson (Thanks to Frances Perkins) offers Skype Q&A sessions as well as new #ZoomingIntoHistory virtual author visits for students, libraries, and families, which can be adjusted for grade levels (Pre-K through adult) and may also include guided writing activities.

For more information, please visit Deborah’s website: deborahhopkinson.com

Leslie Bulion

Award-winning author Leslie Bulion (Amphibian Acrobats, Superlative Birds) offers a 15-minute virtual visit for no fee. Fee for a visit of 30-45 minutes is $175.

For more information, please visit Leslie’s website: https://www.lesliebulion.com/author-visits

Jennifer Swanson

Jennifer Swanson (Save the Crash-test Dummies) offers 20-30-minute Skype visit for no fee. Her visits consist of a discussion of her writing process, how she chooses book topics, STEM topics related to any of her books, as well as a Q&A time.

For more information, please visit Jennifer’s website: https://jenniferswansonbooks.com/about/author-visits/

Cynthia Levinson

Cynthia Levinson (Fault Lines in the Constitution) offers a 45-minute session for $100. She fields questions from students about her books, research, and writing process.

For more information, please visit Cynthia’s website: https://cynthialevinson.com/author-visits-presentations/

Jenna Guillaume

Jenna Giillaume (What I Like About Me) offers 30-minute virtual visits for ages 12 and up. Her visits include Q&A, discussions about her journey of becoming a writer, her writing process, and topics related to her book.

Available for 30 minute sessions for ages 12 and up. Can do Q&A and discuss her journey of becoming a writer, her writing process, topics related to What I Like About Me.

For more information, please contact Elyse Vincenty at vincenty@peachtree-online.com.

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