Girl Who Stole an Elephant

Your summer reading adventure won’t be complete without The Girl Who Stole an Elephant! A daring, page-turning tale of friendship, risk, and reward.

Meet Chaya: she may be the daughter of a nobleman, but she’s also rebellious and outspoken, and she just can’t resist the shiny temptations the king’s palace has to offer. Filled with riches her impoverished community can only imagine, the palace seems like the perfect spot for a headstrong young girl to play Robin Hood for her friends and family. But being a thief—even one with the best intentions—doesn’t come without risks, and when Chaya finds a bronze spear pointed at her neck after stealing jewels from the queen’s bedside table, her messy getaway jeopardizes the life of a close friend. Add an equally haphazard prison break, and Chaya’s at a loss for how to fix the problems she’s caused. Now she’s on the run with her best friend, an unlikely ally, and the king’s prized elephant, searching for safety in a jungle lurking with leeches and revolution. After leaving her village as a thief, can Chaya and her companions return as heroes? Or will her sticky fingers be the beginning—or the end—of everything for the intrepid gang?

Own Voices debut author Nizrana Farook spins a page-turning middle grade tale in a lush, fictional Sri Lankan setting. Just right for adventure fans looking for an unputdownable escapist summer read.

Lead a middle grade summer book club with the downloadable discussion guide! And get to know debut author Nizrana Farook in this Q&A.

“So lush you can practically picture the greenery and taste the tropical breadfruit….lovers of animals and adventure are in for an entertaining ride.” —Booklist

“A lush wilderness adventure story.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Filled with lush descriptions of the South Asia–inspired landscape and delicious food, debut author Farook weaves a fast-paced…adventure against a backdrop of political upheaval.” —Publishers Weekly

“A rich and joyful adventure story for those who enjoy daring escapades in a fairy-tale setting.” —School Library Journal

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