Everyone’s doing more digital these days, so we’re excited to provide more picture book, middle grade, and YA ebooks for all ages that you’ll definitely want on your e-reading list!

Ages 2 – 6

Curious About Insects

Curious About Insects
by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

Perfect for the littlest bug buffs, this board book offers a first glimpse into the natural world of insects. Simple and clear descriptions of how insects look, where they live, what they eat, and how they move around make this third title in the Discovering Nature series a dependable and informative beginning resource for learning about insects and the wonders of the natural world.

Bird ShowBird Show
by Susan Stockdale

Welcome to the Bird Show, a showcase of nature’s most dazzling colors, diverse patterns, and fashionable feathered features! Just like people, each bird contributes to our beautiful world, made more vibrant by their diversity. Amateur ornithologists of all ages will marvel at the gorgeous birds in this colorful picture book that brings these creatures, both familiar and exotic, to life with remarkable portraits and energetic, rhyming text.

Bring on the BirdsBring on the Birds
by Susan Stockdale

From the Blue-footed Booby to the Red-billed Oxpecker, the breadth of bird life depicted in this stunning book will captivate young ornithologists. Susan Stockdale’s brightly colored, richly textured illustrations and energetic rhyming text is sure to grab the reader’s attention.


Hat TricksHat Tricks
by Satoshi Kitamura

Abracadabra, katakurico! Oh, goodness! Out pops a cat from Hattie’s magic hat. Can you guess what creature will appear from the magic hat next? Follow along as Hattie conjures up a parade of animals from her magic hat, and don’t miss the grand finale! This humorous story is a delightful choice for audience participation.


No Said RabbitNo! Said Rabbit
by Marjoke Henrichs

Rabbit is happy doing his own thing, and he doesn’t want to listen to anyone else. Or so he thinks. Then, Mom makes a suggestion he simply can’t resist! Everyone triumphs in this hilarious, relatable picture book celebrating the everyday struggles of parents and children. Perfect for bedtime!


Ages 3 – 7

About Hummingbirds

About Hummingbirds
A Guide for Children

by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

In this addition to the acclaimed About… series, easy-to-understand language and realistic paintings teach children what hummingbirds are, how they look, how they move, what they eat, and where they live. Perfect for casual exploration as well as for early childhood and elementary units in science and animal life.

About Marine Mammals PB

About Marine Mammals
A Guide for Children

by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

With beautifully detailed illustrations, About Marine Mammals tells children what is essential for understanding and appreciating marine mammals―from the small, playful sea otter to the gigantic blue whale.


About ParrotsAbout Parrots
A Guide for Children

by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

A classroom favorite and beautiful, informative first glance at parrots from the creators of the award-winning About… series. Simple language and realistic paintings introduce readers to the diverse population of parrots—from the colorful Blue Lorikeets of the Polynesian Islands to the Rosy-faced Lovebirds of southwestern Africa.

About RaptorsAbout Raptors
A Guide for Children

by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

Budding birders will enjoy finding out about birds of prey in this award-winning addition to the About… series. Readers will learn about many varieties of raptors around the world, from the majestic Bald Eagle of North America to the sharp-eyed Secretary Bird of Africa. Ideal for casual exploration as well as for early childhood and elementary science units on animals.

Sobre los AnfibiosSobre los anfibios
Una guía para niños
by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

Now in Spanish, this beginner’s guide offers a first glimpse into the natural world of amphibians, from frogs and toads to salamanders and more.


Sobre los ReptilesSobre los reptiles
Una guía para niños
by Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

This first glimpse into the world of reptiles explains the basic characteristics that all reptiles share, while offering a look at the animals that fall into this diverse category, including ever-popular lizards, snakes, and turtles.

Ages 4 – 8

Adventures With My DaddiesAdventures with My Daddies
by Gareth Peter
illustrated by Garry Parsons

An Own Voices author and illustrator team up on this gentle, yet whimsical story that sends one diverse family on an amazing bedtime adventure with a wonderfully cozy ending. A perfect read for LGBTQ+ and adoptive families!


Best Friend In Whole WorldBest Friend in the Whole World
by Sandra Salsbury

In this sweet and moving picture book about loneliness, friendship, and compassion, debut author-illustrator Sandra Salsbury celebrates the transformative power of connection and the painful melancholy of loss. Endearingly classic illustrations bring a charming forest world to life.


Madeline Finn and the Therapy DogMadeline Finn and the Therapy Dog
by Lisa Papp

Madeline Finn and Star are back! Now Star is old enough to become a Therapy dog, but will our beloved team pass the test? Author-illustrator Lisa Papp’s beautiful tale of empathy, perseverance, and connection explores the therapy dog training process and provides a realistic and appealing example of a young person making a difference in her community.


P Zonka Lays an EggP. Zonka Lays an Egg
by Julie Paschkis

Extraordinary hen P. Zonka spends her time taking in the beauty around her, never laying eggs like the other hens do―they think she’s just plain lazy. But when P. Zonka finally decides to give egg-laying a try, the other chickens are in for a spectacular surprise! Award-winning author and illustrator Julie Paschkis is sure to delight readers with this lovely story, inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of pysanky, about enriching the imagination and appreciating the beauty of the world.

Rodeo Red PBRodeo Red
by Maripat Perkins
illustrated by Molly Idle

Red is sure that anyone who hollers that much will be hauled to the edge of town and told to skedaddle, but her parents seem smitten with the new addition to the family. When that scallywag sets his eye on Rusty, Rodeo Red had better figure out a way to save her best friend in the whole world. Can a cowgirl make a bargain with a varmint?

Smile ShopThe Smile Shop
by Satoshi Kitamura

A small boy has saved all his pocket money and visits the market with high expectations. When disaster strikes and he loses his money, he feels very devastated. But wait, what’s that? A Smile Shop? He could really do with a smile. What will happen if he goes in? Satoshi Kitamura’s charming tale offers an absorbing setting for readers to explore themes of independence, self-worth, and the effect of a smile shared between people.

Thingity JigThe Thingity-Jig
by Kathleen Doherty
illustrated by Kristyna Litten

Under the light of a silvery moon, Bear wanders into people town and discovers a springy thing, a bouncy thing—a sit-on-it, jump-on-it thing! It’s too heavy to carry home by himself, so Bear runs back to the woods and asks for help. Too bad for Bear, his friends are sleepy and shoo him away. So Bear invents a Rolly-Rumpity to wheel the Thingity-Jig home, but then it all gets stuck in the mud! How will Bear tackle this bump in the road? With a Lifty-Uppity, of course!

Toad WeatherToad Weather
by Sandra Markle
illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

There’s nothing to do on a rainy day – or so Ally thinks. But Mama says she’s seen something amazing, so despite Ally’s misgivings, she sets out on an adventure with her mother and grandmother. On her journey, she sees all sorts of things: dripping awnings, wet cardboard, splashing cars…but also earthworms, storm drain geysers, and oil slick patterns. And then they turn the corner, just in time to see a big crowd. What’s happening?

Ages 7 – 10

It Cant Be Done Nellie Bly PBIt Can’t Be Done, Nellie Bly!
A Reporter’s Race Around the World
by Nancy Ohlin

Young readers will cheer for Nellie as she embarks on her 22,000-mile trip equipped only with one sturdy travel dress, a small satchel, and a pet monkey she picks up in Singapore as her traveling companion. This delightful true story of a woman with an indomitable spirit will inspire a new generation of young readers―and adventurers. Back matter includes additional information about Nellie Bly’s life.

King & Kayla and the Case of the Gold RingKing & Kayla and the Case of the Gold Ring
by Dori Hillestad Butler
illustrated by Nancy Meyers

King, Kayla, Mason, and Asia are playing in the snow. Later, Asia discovers her new gold ring is missing. What happened to it? Detective team King & Kayla are on the case! Geisel Honor Award-winning team Dori Hillestad Butler and Nancy Meyers return with another mystery starring lovable golden retriever King and his human girl, Kayla. Just right for newly independent readers.

Lillians Fish PBLillian’s Fish
by James Menk
illustrated by Louisa Bauer

When Lillian turns six, her favorite gift is an extraordinary fish whose body shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. But when the brand-new birthday fish disappears, Lillian is devastated. While she and her brothers try to unravel the mystery, the other family pets secretly band together to find out what has happened to the little fish. A trail of clues soon leads the animals on a fantastic adventure along the river and deep into the woods, where they encounter new places and strange creatures.

Mars IsMars Is
Stark Slopes, Silvery Snow, and Startling Surprises

by Suzanne Slade

For centuries, people have wondered: Does Mars have deserts? Volcanos? Or signs of life? Could people live there someday? Scientists decided to take a closer look. They built a powerful camera called the HiRise (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) and loaded it onto a rocket so it could orbit Mars. It sent back astounding, revealing photos showing the world what Mars really is. Award-winning nonfiction author and former rocket engineer Suzanne Slade leads readers through some of these stunning photos taken by the most advanced camera ever sent to another planet. A visual feast for space enthusiasts and STEAM fans that will expand readers’ assumptions and understanding of Mars.

Nina Soni Master of the GardenNina Soni, Master of the Garden
by Kashmira Sheth
illustrated by Jenn Kocsmiersky

It’s Take Your Child to Work Day, and Nina, Kavita, and Jay are all going to work with Mom, a landscape architect, to learn how to start a garden. Naturally that’s not enough for Nina, who quickly develops big plans for a business selling the vegetables she plans to grow. But her plans don’t include managing the problems that inevitably arise, including rabbits, slugs, mosquitos, and more!

A Place for FrogsA Place for Frogs
by Melissa Stewart
illustrated by Higgins Bond

Acclaimed science writer Melissa Stewart showcases twelve types of North American frogs, from the wood frog to the now rare Oregon spotted frog. Her clear narrative shows the threats these frogs face, and informative sidebars describe a wide variety of efforts to save them. In addition, remarkable full-color illustrations vividly and accurately depict the frogs within the ecosystems that support their survival.

Ages 8 – 12

Girl Who Stole an ElephantThe Girl Who Stole an Elephant
by Nizrana Farook

Chaya, a nobleman’s rebellious, outspoken, no-nonsense daughter, just can’t resist the shiny temptations the king’s palace has to offer. But when Chaya steals the queen’s jewels from a bedside table, a messy getaway jeopardizes the life of a close friend. After an equally haphazard prison break, Chaya barely escapes on the king’s prized elephant! With leeches and revolution lurking in the jungle, Chaya leads her companions on a thrilling adventure. After leaving her village as a thief, can she return as a hero? Or will Chaya’s sticky fingers be the beginning—or the end—of everything for the intrepid gang?

Homer on the CaseHomer on the Case
by Henry Cole

Homing pigeon Homer and his parrot friend Lulu learn something is afoul when they witness four-legged criminals stealing valuables from both the animal and human communities. Using the sleuthing techniques he’s gathered from his favorite mystery comics, Homer and Lulu track down the bandits, but need human help to stop them for good. Can they find a way to communicate with their human keepers and lead them to the culprits’ hideout to stop the thieves?

A Clutter of Short Verse on Eight Legs

by Leslie Bulion
illustrated by Robert Meganck

Meet spiders that spit silk, roll like wheels, scuba dive, hide under trap doors, strum tunes, and so much more. Watch as they find mates, find prey…or find mates that become prey! Award-winning poet Leslie Bulion and illustrator Robert Meganck team up again for this clutter (a collective noun for spiders) of Haiku and other short poems and humorously accurate illustrations that celebrate the amazing attributes of Araneae.

Ages 12+

Field Guide to Little Known & Seldom Seen Birds of North AmericaA Field Guide to Little-Known and Seldom-Seen Birds of North America
by Ben Sill & Cathryn Sill
illustrated by John Sill

Birders and just about anyone who likes birds will delight in this satirical field guide. Thirty-two fabulous fictitious species (Military Warbler? Great-toed Clapboard Pecker, anyone?) are depicted in this witty volume, which features tongue-in-cheek descriptions, observation hints, and range maps, as well as John Sill’s remarkable full-color illustrations. A must-have for any bird watcher!

Rosie Loves JackRosie Loves Jack
by Mel Darbon

Rosie loves Jack. Jack loves Rosie. So when they’re separated, Rosie will do anything to find the boy who makes the sun shine in her head. Even defy her parents’ orders and run away from home. Even struggle across London and travel to Brighton on her own, though the trains are cancelled and the snow is falling. Even though people might think a girl like Rosie, who has Down syndrome, could never survive on her own.

You Were Made For MeYou Were Made for Me
by Jenna Guillaume

Sixteen-year-old Katie Camilleri can’t believe she’s accidentally created a teenage boy. But silly musings and kitchen antics with her best friend, Libby, have definitely taken a whimsical twist into something bigger than Katie could have ever daydreamed. Turns out the consequences of fumbling a human being into existence are rather complicated. More importantly, does Guy, the golden Adonis Katie’s created, like her because he wants to, or because he has to? And will he be Katie’s very first kiss?