We’re joining Stanley to discover and celebrate those people in our communities making life happier and safer. Everyone loves Stanley. He’s cute, he has fun jobs, he works with cool machines, and he has a comforting nighttime routine that always ends with supper, bath, and bed. The Stanley series also focuses on values that are more important today than ever—community, helpfulness, and friendship.

Stanley is a community helper that every young reader can emulate and celebrate at home with some fun, simple activities. We hope you explore the whole Stanley series, but we’re highlighting the below titles that show Stanley in roles that are especially vital right now.

Stanley the Farmer

Stanley the Farmer

It’s going to be a busy day on Stanley’s farm! From plowing the field, to planting the seeds, to harvesting the wheat, Stanley has a lot to do. Luckily, his friends Shamus and Little Woo lend a helping hand.

Start a conversation about where we get our food, and how farmers around the world are working hard to stock our farmer’s markets and grocery stores. Young readers can also start a garden of their own to learn the process of planting and the patience needed for growing food.

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Stanley's Store

Stanley’s Store

Stanley has fresh fruits and veggies to be unloaded, Myrtle needs help at the cheese counter, Shamus and Little Woo’s groceries must be rung up, and—oh no! Charlie just knocked over Stanley’s produce display. Even for an industrious hamster like Stanley, running a store is hard work! Can Stanley help his friends find everything they need?

Stanley’s Store helps young readers to explore grocery store processes, machines, and—most importantly—clerks. These are the people and things that make every trip to the grocery store and every grocery delivery a helpful and safe experience.

Think about how you can thank your local grocery store staff. You can send a card or make a “thank you” sign for grocery store employees and delivery drivers!

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Stanley the Mailman

Stanley the Mailman

It’s going to be a busy day for Stanley! He gets up early to sort through the mail in his post office. Then he sets off through town to deliver the letters and packages to all his friends. Myrtle, Little Woo, and Charlie all receive exciting gifts and letters. But will everyone be happy with what’s in Stanley’s mailbag?

Is checking the mail an exciting, fundamental part of your daily routine? These days, many people are shopping online and having essential items delivered right to their doorsteps. Take time to talk about the men and women who are ensuring that everything is delivered safely and in a timely manner.

Is there a way you can celebrate your mailman? How about drawing a “thank you” sign to put up on the front of your house? Better yet, encourage everyone in your neighborhood to put “thank you” signs up on the same day!

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Stanleys School

Stanley’s School

Ding, ding, ding! It’s time for school with Stanley and Hattie, and there are lots of eager students at school today! Stanley reads a story to Little Woo, Sophie, and Benjamin. Outside, everyone has fun in the garden, and Stanley’s lemonade and Hattie’s lovely fruit salad are delicious snacks for lunch right before a nice little nap. Things get a little messy during art time, though . . . uh, oh!

Being away from the structure and fun of school can be hard, but teachers around the world are supporting our communities with much-needed resources. Take some time to celebrate everything teachers are doing and have done for you!

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Stanley's Diner

Stanley’s Diner

Eggs and pancakes, coming right up! Stanley is cooking for all the hungry customers who come into his diner, while Hattie takes their orders. Then Stanley serves up a special cake – but whose birthday are they celebrating?

It’s easy to take restaurants for granted until we can’t go and enjoy all their delicious food! Have you ordered take-out or gotten curbside delivery lately? If not, get out and support the restaurants in your local community as they continue to provide much-needed nourishment and comfort. Ask your young reader about their favorite restaurant and get delivery or pick up breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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