Speed Demon

Speed Demon
by Fred Bowen

Tim Beeman is an excellent athlete with incredible speed, but he is unsure whether he belongs on the football team or the track team. Although he knows that his mother, who died three years ago, didn’t approve of football, he can’t deny the fact his father would love to see his son out on the field. Plus, Tim is eager to fit in at his new school, and he knows the football team can help him quickly find new friends. Between attempting to please himself, his father, and his peers, Tim can’t figure out where he will feel most comfortable and be able to put his fast running skills to best use.

Tim struggles with his decision since he knows he could be a valuable addition to both the track and football teams. When Tim finally chooses a sport, he continues to wonder if he has made the right choice. Which team will put his talents to the best use and at the same time satisfy his own needs?

This new addition to author Fred Bowen’s Sports Story Series is filled with play-by-play action that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats!

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