Aalfred and Aalbert

Aalfred and Aalbert
by Morag Hood

It’s time to introduce another instant favorite coming to Peachtree this fall! This heartwarming story describes the blossoming love and friendship between two aardvarks who seem destined to lead solitary lives. Aalfred and Aalbert both wish to be one of two, but how can they ever meet when Aalfred sleeps all day and Aalbert sleeps all night?

Just when it seems the two may never be a pair, a helpful bystander allows their paths to cross, and Aalfred and Aalbert find they go together as perfectly as broccoli and cheese.

This endearing story about two aardvarks and an unlikely matchmaker will appeal to families with LGBTQ parents and family members as author-illustrator Morag Hood keeps children laughing with funny situations and entertaining teachable moments about relationships.

“The simple, deadpan narrative shows flashes of laugh-out-loud moments…the steadfast resignation of the only-occasionally-lonely aardvarks and the bird’s wordless but powerful expressiveness keep the story light, dry, and satisfying. A charming depiction of friendship and love.” —Kirkus Reviews

Read an excerpt, and find Aalfred and Aalbert this September at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble. Can’t get enough of these adorable aardvarks? You can be the matchmaker for Aalfred and Aalbert with these fun activity sheets! Or find out which character describes you best with this personality quiz.

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