About Habitats Rivers and Streams

About Habitats: Rivers and Streams
Written by Cathryn Sill
Illustrated by John Sill

Get ready to explore some major rivers (and everyday streams) from around the globe and learn about their fascinating attributes and remarkable diversity. The newest installment in Cathryn and John Sill’s award-winning About Habitats series is floating onto shelves this August!

In About Habitats: Rivers and Streams children will learn about rivers and streams and how various species of animals and plants have adapted to life in or along these waterways. Cathryn Sill’s simple, descriptive language combines beautifully with John Sill’s detailed, colorful illustrations to depict many of the world’s different rivers and streams—from the mountain streams of the Alps to the mighty Amazon River in South America.

Check out the afterword, glossary, and list of resources for more details about the waterways and animals found in each of the illustrations. Perfect for all ages, teachers can use the precise and comprehensive back matter to create lesson plans for younger readers, and older children can easily comprehend the material with the help of Cathryn Sill’s clear writing and the informative afterword and glossary. There is also a series teacher’s guide available, and be sure to check out all the titles in the About Habitats series as well as the About series.

“The watercolors are quietly exquisite… This powerful conservation message is both accessible and lovely.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The book’s design gives equal weight to the words and pictures, which work together very well…. Beautiful in their composition, color, and sense of motion, these paintings portray scenes on six continents, helping viewers visualize common elements of rivers and streams in different habitats worldwide…. Well suited for classroom use, the book provides a handsome introduction to the topic.”—Booklist

Look for About Habitats: Rivers and Streams this August at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble.

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