Superlative BirdsSuperlative Birds
Written by Leslie Bulion
Illustrated by Robert Meganck

The author and illustrator who brought you Leaf Litter Critters are back with even more fun facts and humorous art! Explore the fascinating world of superlative birds―from the bee hummingbird, the tiniest bird in the world, to the peregrine falcon, the fastest creature on Earth.

Ever wonder which bird has the loudest voice? Which one builds the biggest nest or has the most feathers? Get to know all about the best and brightest―and smelliest!―denizens of the bird world with this collection of nonfiction science verses. You won’t need your binoculars to observe the superlative characteristics of these avian wonders. Follow along with a chickadee as it offers fun asides to each of the poems and provides hints to the special traits that only birds share. Readers can even scan a QR code for one of the poems and sing along!

An example of one of the talented birds featured is the lyrebird, known to have the fanciest courtship and best mimic. This copycat (or copy-bird), can imitate all kinds of sounds, from other bird songs to human-made noises. Watch and hear for yourself:

lyrebirdWith a science glossary, notes on the various poetry forms, and resources for more information included in Superlative Birds, readers can continue to learn about these amazing animals and their unique talents and qualities. Witty and accurate illustrations add another layer of fun to this humorous and informative gallery. You might even discover a new favorite! Ideal for cross-curricular learning and a great read-aloud for National Poetry Month and beyond, this book is perfect for budding birders and science or poetry fans alike.


★ “With characteristic humor and carefully crafted language, poet Bulion offers readers amazing facts about birds of our world…. These engaging poems read aloud beautifully…. Meganck’s digital illustrations reflect the humorous tone…. Excellent resources for further bird study complete this delightful offering. Entertaining and educational, a superlative package.”
―Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

★ “Fascinating facts… Meganck’s illustrations are one-dimensional and friendly, placing the birds against uncluttered backgrounds while clearly emphasizing the characteristic being highlighted by each poem.”

You might notice on the half-title page spread, illustrator Robert Meganck’s art alludes to his and Leslie Bulion’s previous book, Leaf Litter Critters. Can you find the hint in Superlative Birds about their next book? Look carefully or you could miss it!

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