This season, we have a great list of humorous and touching stories coming out in paperback for readers of all ages! Whether you’re looking for a fun picture book to share at storytime, an adventure-filled chapter book, or an eye-opening and inspiring YA novel, check out these award-winning books, now in a new format!

Picture Books

illustrated by John Sill

In this bilingual addition to the acclaimed About… series, educator and author Cathryn Sill presents the basic characteristics of what fish are. With beautifully detailed, realistic paintings, noted wildlife illustrator John Sill introduces readers to the diversity of the fish population, from an Arctic char to a Porcupine fish.

illustrated by Ali TeoJohn O’Reilly

Kyle Mewburn’s story of an overly affectionate aunt will resonate with readers, who will instantly recognize the bond of love that unites the two characters. Ali Teo and John O’Reilly’s colorful and quirky illustrations, which combine freehand drawing and photographic collage, exaggerate the humor of the story.


Another hilariously quirky tale from Alex Latimer, filled with visual puns, wordplay, and an entertaining and unique message about working together to defeat a bully.

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“Readers will laugh at the surprise revelation that a colony of wily rabbits was in on the success. This quirky twist on ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ is a winner.” ―School Library Journal
Middle Grade Books
Alison Hart offers young readers a dramatic story of rescue and survival featuring a plucky, determined protagonist. An author’s note provides more information about prairie life in the late nineteenth century and about the great storm that hit Nebraska in 1888, now known as “The School Children’s Blizzard.”
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“Anna is a strong, appealing heroine, and the story is suspenseful.” ―School Library Journal

illustrated by Adam Gustavson
In the fifth book of the Charlie Bumpers series, Charlie is finally on the same soccer team as his two best friends, and they’re sure the Pirates will be the best team ever! But their high hopes are crushed on the first day of practice. Not only do they have a bunch of shrimpy and inexperienced teammates, their new coach doesn’t believe in star players. The first few games are a big disappointment to Charlie. So, if they can’t be on a winning team, Charlie thinks, maybe he, Tommy, and Hector can at least win the prize for selling the most candy bars for the fundraiser. For more on this series, visit the Charlie Bumpers website here.
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“Master storyteller Harley scores again with fourth-grader Charlie Bumpers” ―Kirkus Reviews
illustrated by Alice Ratterree
For half her life, Lily has been trapped in a birdcage while her giant kidnapper sits beside her, writing in a leather-bound book the size of a house. But tonight she is escaping so she can find her way home to Lilliput. Inspired by Gulliver’s TravelsLilliput is an exhilarating and imaginative adventure filled with cunning escape plans, evil clock makers, and talkative parrots. 
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“Cliffhanger chapter endings and vibrant language should quickly ensnare readers of this suspenseful takeoff from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels… This literate romp through 18th-century London will have readers cheering Lily home.” ―Publishers Weekly
Young Adult Books

Jennifer can’t go on like this—binging, purging, starving, and all while trying to appear like she’s got it all together. But when she finally confesses her secret to her parents and is hospitalized at the Samuel Tuke Center, her journey is only beginning. Using her trademark dark humor and powerful emotion, J. J. Johnson tells an inspiring story based on her own experience when she was hospitalized for an eating disorder as a teenager. 

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“Compelling and authentic, this story is impossible to put down… Perfect for fans of Laurie Halse Anderson’s Wintergirls (2009), Believarexic is a raw, memorable reading experience.” ―Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

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