Meet Gabe.

Gabe is a reading rebel whose story we had to share. Gabe has been a reader from the moment he could read on his own. In late kindergarten, he began reading books meant for grade levels three and four years ahead of him. Specifically, he began reading Charlie Bumpers.

Once Gabe had read through a few of Charlie’s stories himself, he began sharing them with his friends. On the bus to school one day, Gabe was once again urging his friends to read Charlie Bumpers when a rather unfortunate thing happened. Gabe’s friend got carsick from reading on the bus! Reading was banned thenceforth to Gabe’s dismay. (Like we saidreading rebel).

Since then, Gabe has continued to read, despite the bus ban, and is now inspiring the reading life of his little brother! We’ll let Gabe do some of the talking now, but we wanted you to have that introduction first.

Let us know if you have reading rebels in your life! We’d love to share their stories and hear how reading has impacted them.