Everyone is gearing up for summer, andof courseworking out summer reading lists. If you need ideas for good summer-themed reading, we’ve got some suggestions! For kids and young adults, we have everything from beach life to summer road trips.
Board Books
At the Beach
by Elizabeth Spurr

For very young readers, Elizabeth Spurr and Manelle Oliphant show all the fun of a day at the beach.

Little Rabbit Lost
by Harry Horse

The fun and excitement of an amusement park is brought to life by Harry Horse as Little Rabbit spends the day exploring with his family.

Picture Books

Camp K-9
by Mary Ann Rodman

This lighthearted story from Mary Ann Rodman is all about summer, secrets, and fun. Nancy Hayashi’s warm illustrations are a comfort throughout this camp life tale.


Lula and the Sea Monster

Lula and the Sea Monster
by Alex Latimer

Lula loves living by the beach. But soon, her family must leave their home to make way for a new highway. Before the day of her move, Lula makes friends with a small sea monster that she names Bean. Each day Lula returns to the beach to feed him. And each day Bean grows bigger and bigger. But what will happen to Lula’s new friend once she moves away?

Mrs. Armitage, Queen of the Road
by Quentin Blake

For summer road trips, Quentin Blake has just the thing! Join the offbeat Mrs. Armitage in her liberating adventure on the road with new friends. 

The Sound of All Things
by Myron Uhlberg

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Brooklyn and Coney Island through the eyesand earsof a hearing boy and his deaf parents. Myron Uhlberg and Ted Papoulas transport readers to the experience of roller coasters, fireworks, and the beach on a summer day in the 1930’s.

Middle Readers

The Somewhat True Adventures of Sammy Shine
by Henry Cole

Join Sammy Shine on an adventure discovering new friends and a whole new world. For all you summer field and forest explorers, Henry Cole has the perfect story.

Summer on the Moon
by Adrian Fogelin

Summer vacation takes a turn when Socko and his family move away from the neighborhood he knows so well. Fogelin weaves this summer read with family, loyalty, and community.

Some Kind of Magic
by Adrian Fogelin

It’s the summer before freshman year of high school for Cass, Jessie, Ben, and Justin. They are way too old to believe in magic, but an old fedora might just change that. 

Young Adult
The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl
by Melissa Keil

Under the hot Australian sun, Alba and her friends are enjoying summer, Christmas, and the end of high school. When a doomsday prophet names their town as the only place that will survive the upcoming Armageddon, Alba’s life is thrown into even more chaos as she anticipates the end of her world as she knows it. 

Flash Point
by Sneed B. Collard III

Wildfire season in Montana is threatening Luther’s home, his stepfather’s livelihood, and the raptors he has come to love. Through the voice of this high school sophomore, Sneed B. Collard III illustrates the difficulty of balancing competing environmental and economic interests.

What are some of your favorite summer reads? Share them with us in the comments!