Super Bowl Sunday tends to be a bit of a divider for most groups, with some die-hard fans for either team, some indifferent watchers (who drive the die-hard fans crazy), and some who just prefer the snacks and the Puppy Bowl. Now, in order to get an idea of where the Peachtree team stood on the upcoming game, we took a poll around the office. As some of us might prefer a book about football rather than actually watching a football game, it might not be surprising that we frequently had to remind each other of who was actually participating in the 50th Super Bowl.

It was quite a turn of events that in our Southern publishing house, we had the following votes:

Denver Broncos                                    Carolina Panthers                                     Puppy Bowl
         55%                                                       36%                                                          9%

As stated, most of us would probably rather be reading than watching football, so maybe book-related entertainment would get us all more invested in the game. Half-time read-aloud, anyone? In fact, we are all better prepared to watch and understand the game thanks to Fred Bowen’s football titles that we all know and love.

No matter if you are a football lover or need to brush up on your football knowledge, these stories are sure to keep your attention and hopefully get you excited for Super Bowl 50.

                       Quarterback Season
Double Reverse
Touchdown Trouble



Let us know who you will be rooting for this weekend or what your favorite football titles are!