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Older But Wilder

by Effie Leland Wilder
illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein

Effie Leland Wilder revists the wacky cast of characters at FairAcres Retirement Home.

Join everybody’s favorite busybody, Hattie McNair, and her fellow residents at the FairAcres Retirement Home on another uplifting adventure!

Knee replacement surgery doesn’t slow down the irrepressible Hattie McNair. This time around, she and her fellow residents at the FairAcres Retirement Home are involved in money-making schemes: they enter a car-naming contest and organize a storytelling night to raise money for a swimming pool. There is also mystery in the air when the sour-looking portrait of the retirement home corporation founder, affectionately known as “old Pukey Face,” goes missing, True to form, Hattie makes it her business to get to the bottom of it. And with warm-hearted encouragement (and a little meddling) she lends a hand to her third-grade friend Amanda and her family during a difficult time.

With grace and humor Wilder gently pokes fun at growing older, all the while reflecting on the special wisdom gained from aging, and the challenges and losses that must be faced.

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Hardcover: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-56145-182-1
Total Pages: 179
Size: 6 x 8
Language: English


“Give a moment of laughter and a good book about Hattie McNair, her fellow residents at the FairAcres Retirement Home and their latest adventure. In her book ‘Older But Wilder,’ author Effie Leland Wilder shows through humor and philosophy what it means to live life to the fullest, no matter your age.” ―Portland Oregonian

“[Effie Wilder] has the writer’s eye and the storyteller’s gift. Her tales are wry, funny, melancholy, philosophical. Her reflections strike a common chord.” ―James Kilpatrick, syndicated columnist

Meet the Author

Effie Leland Wilder was the author of five books. She graduated from Converse College in 1930 and received the Distinguished Alumna Award in 1982. She also received the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina’s highest award, for her philanthropic work. Her work has been published in the Charleston News and Courier and in the Saturday Evening Post. Ms. Wilder passed away in 2007.

Meet the Illustrator

Laurie Allen Klein is a graduate of Maryville College in Tennessee. An illustrator and graphic artist, her work has appeared in Atlanta and Athens magazines and in publications for the Baptist Home Mission Board, the Presbyterian Publishing House, and the Georgia Wildlife Federation. She lives in Florida.