Ebenezer Has a Word for EverythingEbenezer Has a Word for Everything
Written by Chelsea H. Rowe
Illustrated by Frank Dormer

Words are incredible, and no one knows this more than little Ebenezer. He loves words so much that he collects them in his very own Word Book! In Chelsea H. Rowe’s debut title, Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything, Ebenezer discovers new and interesting words every day. He tries to share his word collection with others, but finds that people don’t seem to be as interested in his words. But when Ebenezer visits one of his favorite places, the library, he meets Fitzgerald, who has a collection of his own. Fitzgerald has all sorts of ideas collected in his head, but needs a word or two to make them sound right. Ebenezer can hardly believe his luck! Now best friends, Ebenezer and Fitzgerald go together like and U! And when the two boys combine their words and ideas, the stories they write are simply sensational!

WithLinguine illustrations by Frank Dormer, Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything is a quirky but classic story about the power of words, friendship, collaboration, storytelling, and finding your own tribe. Readers will enjoy experiencing the development of this unique friendship while building vocabulary and collecting a few new words of their own. The book also includes a helpful list of the words and definitions in the back. Read an excerpt here.

Are you more of an Ebenezer or a Fitzgerald? Maybe you’re both! Test your own vocabulary and storytelling skills with our fun activity sheets!

At Peachtree, we’re (obviously) lovers of words too. So to share our enthusiasm for language, we chose some words from the book that we will be featuring as part of Ebenezer’s Word of the Day on social media! Follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #EbenezersWordoftheDay, and share your favorite words with us!

Look for Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything on Amazon or at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble on October 1st!