Illustrated by Nancy Meyers

Kayla lost a tooth, but now it’s missing! What does Kayla know? —Her tooth is not inside the tooth fairy pillow. It’s not inside her backpack. It’s not inside the car. What does King know? —Mason’s hand smells like the tooth fairy pillow. How will they solve the mystery?

“This funny, endearing addition to the series will delight early readers, especially dog lovers.”—Kirkus Reviews

King & Kayla and the Case of the Lost Tooth is the fourth addition to the King & Kayla series from Dori Hillestad Butler about a lovable dog who helps his human girl solve mysteries, told from the dog’s point of view. With the perfect touch of humor and a new easy-to-follow mystery to solve in every book, this dynamic duo is sure to engage and amuse emerging independent readers. Find out more about the whole series (and find some fun activities!) on the King & Kayla series page.

Also, learn more from Peachtree’s Vice President Kathy Landwehr, editor of the King & Kayla series, about the world of early readers, and the gap in book selection that King & Kayla fills, in this post.

And don’t miss the first two books in the series coming out in paperback March 1!

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