The John Butler classic Can You Growl Like A Bear? is now available as a board book! 

The only thing children love more than learning animal noises is learning how to make them. This story encourages them to embrace their inner animal and make all sorts of noises from chattering like a chimp to snuffling like a panda, snuggling in for the night.

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John Butler will delight the very young with this simple, interactive look at different animals and the way they move.
(available in both hardcover and board book)
It’s late, and animal mothers are cuddling their babies close. The rhino mother says goodnight to her one baby, then the monkey mother says goodnight to her two, all the way up to the elephant mothers, who group their ten babies together to rest by the river.
Take a trip through the animal world in this exquisitely-illustrated counting book.
This soothing bedtime story features an easy, rhyming text and beautifully evocative, detailed art from acclaimed author-illustrator John Butler.
As adorable animal friends make room in their den for sleepy friends, one after another gently tumbles out…until Little Mouse is left all alone.



Out in the meadow, ten cuddly friends play a game of hide-and-seek. But it’s almost time for bed. Where is Mouse?