This week is a seasonal anomaly: I’m preparing for Book Expo America and drafting a press release for a Christmas book. What’s that you say? Time for another Fa-la-la-la-Fall Frontlist Preview? (I’m so clever!)
Twice every year my desk looks like this:

This photo was taken BEFORE my mailing envelopes arrived…so imagine this, but with more boxes on the floor!

…and that’s when I know it’s time to get cracking on our plans for next season. Sure, it’s 90 degrees outside and I’m sticking to my chair — that doesn’t mean I can’t gear up for some good old fashioned Santa trapping and Penguin adventures (complete with lots of snow and appliance-juggling)! 

Check out our front list titles hitting shelves this fall! 

Meet a beastly boy with a dastardly plan that could ruin Christmas in The Santa Trap


Penguin may not be able to juggle appliances or burp the alphabet like his friends in the talent show, but he’s determined to find a skill that is uniquely his own. When he leaves the show without a medal, will his friends’ attempt to cheer him up reveal Penguin’s Hidden Talent?
 The “Bad Girl of the Book World” is back in Return of the Library Dragon. After 557 years of guarding books, Miss Lotty is retiring. But disaster strikes before she can check out of Sunrise Elementary School: someone has ordered all the books removed from the library and replaced with machines!
In Lost and Found, Justin will have to find the courage to get past Mr. Rumkowsky, the scary old custodian who guards the lost and found if he’s ever going to find the hat that Gran made for him before she comes for a visit. 
Emily Pearl is back and this time she’s taking her “can-do” attitude to the classroom! Will this teacher’s helper become teacher’s pest? 


In this touching story, a young Jewish girl tries to make peace with the impending death of her grandfather.
Simple  language and charming illustrations describe a boy’s trip in the woods in this second installment of our board book trilogy for new readers.
For a young science whiz, an eagerly awaited day at the Fair turns into a wacky adventure with more twists and loops than the Gravity Whirl ride!
Josh and his talented travel league soccer teammates are having trouble coming together as a successful team in this latest from Fred Bowen’s sports story series. Real Story: A profile of the 1999 U.S. Women’s World Cup team is featured.
When Jameson is kidnapped and taken to sea, he must learn how to survive — and how to apply the skills he has learned at home as a printer’s son.


JJ Johnson’s (This Girl is Different)sophomore young adult novel follows the story of a young woman’s path toward healing and understanding in The Theory of Everything.

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