Join us in welcoming some incredible debut authors and illustrators to the Peachtree family! These talented creators have some great books to share with you this spring, so read on to check out the awesome picture books, middle grade, and YA titles heading to shelves this season. Plus, hear what’s been most exciting for each of them about publishing their first books!


Marjoke Henrichs, author-illustrator of No! Said Rabbit

“The most thrilling/exciting/unexpected part of getting my first book published is the thought that my book will be read by many children around the world, and bring a smile to their faces.”

No! Said Rabbit comes out March 1st!



Sandra Salsbury, author-illustrator of Best Friend in the Whole World

“The greatest joy of getting my first book published has been seeing comments and reviews from readers. For so many years, my book had only been seen by a handful of people close to me, so it’s amazing to see it being enjoyed by people I’ve never even met.”

Best Friend in the Whole World comes out March 1st!


PerdufaceRichard Jones, author-illustrator of Perdu

“Having Perdu published is a dream come true. The most thrilling part, I think, is watching that first feathery, wisp of an idea transform into an actual book that people can hold and read. It’s an impossibly wonderful feeling to know that Perdu’s tale is out and about in the World.”

Perdu comes out April 1st!


BeFunky-collage (1)

Gareth Peter, author of Adventures with My Daddies

“I am completely thrilled and excited (some may say over the rainbow) that I will be able to hold a real book in my hands, and one that has sprang out of my imagination. I will finally feel like a real author. And this book is also very personal, as it features a family like mine. I can’t wait.”

Adventures with My Daddies comes out April 1st!

Nizrana photo with book

Nizrana Farook, author of The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

“An amazing thing about being a debut is that there’s a whole new set of people to meet and connect with – from booksellers, teachers and librarians to the readers themselves. It’s like you’re given the key to this wonderful bookish world!”

The Girl Who Stole an Elephant comes out March 1st!

Mel Darbon, author of Rosie Loves Jack

“The most thrilling aspect of having my first book published was that it was a fulfilment of a dream to write a novel that I’d had ever since I was a child, and that I could share that dream with my readers. I was also overjoyed that I had made good my promise to my brother and taken the first step to giving him, and so many others like him, a voice.”

Rosie Loves Jack comes out March 1st!