We just got back from the South Carolina International Reading Association conference in Myrtle Beach (thus the absence of blog posts last week) and we had a blast! BIG thank you to Adrian Fogelin and Fred Bowen who joined us for the event and had excellent presentations and signings! Another thank you goes out to all of you who stopped by! We had such a fun time getting to know you and talking about your schools! 
This was my first conference at Peachtree so I took lots of pictures of the set up 1. Because it was interesting to me and 2. So I can remember how to do it next time! Herein lies the next installment of our A-Z of Publishing: G is for Grid! 

Lots to do!
We’ve built grids and unloaded books, now it’s time to organize…
…and turn THIS into THIS:
Beautiful, isn’t it?
Meredith with the lovely Adrian Fogelin

We had a great time! Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by and we’ll see you again next year!