Have you ever woken up on a seemingly suspicious day like Friday the 13th to find that everything really is…The Opposite?

When Nate woke up in the morning, The Opposite was standing on his ceiling staring down at him. From that moment on, Nate’s day turned upside down in the most extraordinary way!

When Nate poured milk on his cereal—something he is usually good at—The Opposite happened. Milk splashed everywhere and made a big mess. When started to draw a very good picture of an elephant at school, the Opposite happened. Paint went everywhere, except on his paper!

All seems lost until Nate cleverly devises a plan to get rid of The Opposite forever!

From where exactly does the supersition of Friday the 13th originate? There are lots of legends supporting the myth of this most unlucky day of the year, some dating back to primitive eras when man was first learning to count! The ancient Egyptians had a theory and so did the Greeks and early pagan Romans, the early Catholic Church and just about everyone else, including recent world leaders (Theodore Roosevelt was a member of the superstitious Thirteen Club)! Even today, most buildings don’t have a 13th floor.

If you’re superstitious, I’m sure you’re reading this post from the safety of your home, away from all ladders, mirrors and spillable salt. If you’re braving the outside world on this Friday the 13th, be careful out there! And maybe swing by your local indie bookstore to check out The Opposite!

Happy reading, everyone!

And now…a GIVEAWAY!

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