Three Hens and a PeacockHave you ever wondered what would happen if some barnyard hens tried to trade roles with a peacock? Three Hens and a Peacock is next on your summer must-read list, and this hilarious book reveals just how hard it can be to do someone else’s job.

The Tuckers’ farm is a peaceful place. Everyone has a job to do, and no one complains until an unlucky peacock falls off the back of a passing truck and stirs things up. Soon, customers are flocking to the farm to see what all the fuss is about, but the hens don’t like the newcomer getting all the attention while they do the hard work. So, the wise old hound decides to orchestrate a job swap. What follows is the comical tale of three hens who get in way over their feathered heads, and one very distressed peacock who just can’t figure out how to lay an egg.

Lester L. Laminack’s lighthearted look at what happens when we underestimate the value of others’ work comes to life through Henry Cole’s delightful illustrations of these foolish yet charming farm animals. Fun for the whole family, this humorous story will have animal fans and readers of all ages laughing out loud.

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“What might have been an ordinary be-yourself story is enhanced by Laminack’s (Snow Day!) surprisingly thoughtful storytelling…Laminack characterizes the hens with a fine ear for their Golden Girls outrage…the illustrations go for big guffaws and slapstick instead, and largely succeed…effectively keeping the book from feeling message-heavy.” ―Publishers Weekly

“Frenetically posing chickens will inspire giggles…Good farm fun.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Laminack’s storytelling is brisk, and Cole’s cartoon illustrations are vivid and comical” ―Booklist

“A delightful choice for schools and public libraries” ―School Library Journal

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