What’s the best part of Thanksgiving? The food, of course! The creamy mashed potatoes, the savory crescent rolls, and not to mention the delicious golden turkey! At least, that’s what I thought growing up. When I got older, I began to realize how the holiday brought loved ones together, and I was reminded the importance of spending time with family. Luckily, Charlie Bumper learns this important life lesson much earlier than I did, but his adventure toward this discovery is one crazy ride!

In Charlie Bumpers vs. the Perfect Little Turkey—the fourth installment of Bill Harley’s Charlie Bumpers series—middle-schooler Charlie should be spending his Thanksgiving break without a care in the world, watching superheroes on TV. Instead, Charlie has to deal with not only his stubborn big brother and his bothersome little sister, aka the Squid, but also the 10 people invited to dinner, including his annoying “turkey” of a cousin, Chip. On top of that, he has homework to do: a paper about his definition of family. But this Thanksgiving, Charlie gets into all sorts of trouble while ultimately learning how cool it is to have your family by your side.

Want to see what mess Charlie gets into this Thanksgiving? Check out Charlie Bumpers vs. the Perfect Little Turkey at your local libraryindie bookstore, or Barnes & Noble. It’s a book the whole family will enjoy!

Speaking of family, Charlie and his family recommend creating these awesome crafts and crazy cool experiments together this Thanksgiving.

The Hand Print Turkey
*Squid Approved*

Via: http://lizoncall.com/

You can’t let this Thanksgiving pass without making the classic turkey craft. All you need is colorful construction paper, empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, and some glue. With these ingredients, you can make some creative and unique place settings for your dinner table. You can find the step by step guide at Liz on Call.

The DIY Bottle Rocket Launcher
*Charlie Approved*

This experiment will make your family fun time rocket sky high! With parental supervision, kids can build their rocket out of a soda bottle and some cardboard, and use a pump to create water pressure, just like Charlie, Chip, and Uncle Ron. The water pressure will send the rocket soaring! To get the complete directions and learn the science behind it all, head on over to Science Sparks.

The Indoor Bottle Rocket
*Mom Approved*

Via: livewellforless.sainsburys.co.uk

To avoid a similar fiasco like Charlie Bumpers’, this indoor rocket can get anyone’s imagination fired up, without destroying the living room or your Thanksgiving feast. Using a soda bottle, paint, and a few other items you can find around the house, building this rocket is all about creativity, and it’s a creation you are going to want to keep for years to come. Find everything you need at Sainsberry’s Live Well For Less.



What’s your favorite part about Thanksgiving? Do you have any special crafts you like to do with the family over the holiday? We can’t wait to hear!