Grades K-3

This book brings kids face to face with one of their worst fears: vegetables. Author, Danny Schnitzlein draws from his own childhood aversion to peas in order to create a story that helps readers to examine their own fears.

The monster that helps get rid of the main character’s peas soon asks for something in return: his dog. The boy must decide which is more important to him.

Try this activity with your class after reading The Monster Who Ate My Peas together:

  • Ask students to draw a monster that has never been seen before.
  • Allow them to use markers, colored, pencils, crayons, pipe cleaners, buttons, pom poms, and glue to bring their monsters to life.
  • Then, ask students to write a story about the monster they created. What is the monster’s name? Was it always a monster? If not, how did it become a monster? Is the monster really evil or does it just look scary?
  • After they are done, let the students share the pictures of their monsters and give a summary of the monster’s background to the class.
  • Have fun!
Click here for the full summary of The Monster Who Ate My Peas and here for the full teacher’s guide.