Science Exploration: Grades 1-4
The About series has a new installment! About Habitats: Polar Regions details life in both the North and South Poles and shows how the two environments differ. Each page provides an interesting fact along with a beautiful illustration to provide context for the information.
After reading About Habitats: Polar Regions aloud with your class, try this activity for further study on Polar Regions and the animals and plants that live there.
  • List the animals covered in About Habitats: Polar Regions on the board after completing the book.
  • Split the class into groups of three and ask each group to choose one animal from the polar habitats.
  • Take a class trip to the library and have each group find a book about their chosen animal (If possible, ask the librarian to preselect books for the appropriate reading level).
  • Then, allow the groups to take turns reading the book aloud to one another. Two students will take notes while the remaining student reads. Notes should be about simple facts such as habitat, color, food it eats, size, activity level, time of day it’s awake, average litter size, etc.
  • Have each group create a poster about their animal using the simple facts that they gathered as well as images.
  • Allow each group to present and enjoy learning more in depth about the animals living in Polar Regions!
Click here for the full teacher’s guide for the About Habitats series.