Hey Guys!

(Or should we say poets and artists?)

In honor of National Poetry Month’s upcoming Poem in your Pocket Day (TOMORROW, APRIL 30TH), Peachtree Publishers wanted to show you all how we decided to celebrate and at the same time teach you how to make a perfectly poetic poetry project (Alliteration ftw!). Here’s a great Do-It-Yourself idea!


Tri-fold Display Board
1 pack of multi-colored construction paper
Jean Pocket template
Writing utensils (Markers, Color pencils, Crayons, etc.)
Set of cherished poems


1.       Using the Jean Pocket template, print 12 pockets and cut them out separately.
2.       Lay out your Tri-fold board.
3.       Next, glue down pockets to board in three parallel rows. Remember to only glue the sides and bottom of the pockets down so there can be space for the pockets to open at the top.
4.       With your writing utensils, copy some of your favorite poems onto the sheets of construction paper.
5.       Then, fold these sheets in half length-wise.
6.       Adorn the sheets with stickers and other doodles.
7.       Once done beautifying your poems, slide the folded sheets into the pockets on the board. You may choose to leave a pocket with blank paper and markers for others to write their special poems.
8.       Finish by adorning the pockets and display with your remaining stickers and other fun doodles.
9.       Enjoy sharing your poems!