Alison Hart, author of the new Dog Chronicles series, is here to tell you more about the upcoming titles in her own words! Welcome to the blog, Alison!

Where did you get the idea for the Dog Chronicles series?

I had written stories set in history where the horse was the narrator, and I knew dogs were as important in history as horses. So it was a natural progression since I am a dog lover as well as a horse lover. 

I hadn’t heard of ‘mercy dogs’ before reading Darling. Where did you do your research? Did anything surprise you as you were learning more about these dogs?

When I first thought about a ‘dogs in history’ type series, I began reading everything I could about how dogs and humans have worked together throughout time. I knew dogs were used as sentries and messengers in war time, but when I also read that they were used to locate wounded soldiers during trench warfare (in World War 1) I knew it would make a great story.

Tell us about some of the upcoming books in the series. Will each of the Dog Chronicle stories feature service dogs or military dogs?

Dogs have been used in so many ways in history that I hope the series will have a variety of breeds and types.  The second book, Murphy Gold Rush Dog, is set in Nome, Alaska during the 1900 gold rush. Dogs were necessary as pack animals, sled dogs, guards and companions and were worth ‘their weight in gold.’ Murphy is prized for his strength and devotion in a hostile environment while Darling was prized for her skill and bravery during a terrible war.  The third book will be about dogs who worked in coal mines in the early 1900s. There is no title as yet since the story is only at the beginning (meaning a kernel in my brain) stage.

Do you have dogs/did you grow up with dogs as pets? Do you have a favorite dog breed?

I have never been without dogs in my life. At one time, we had four dogs, and most have been rescue dogs or dogs who needed a family. They have all had different personalities as well as different training ‘needs’.  One thing they do all need is lots of exercise, a routine and a purpose—even if that purpose is to be a big lap cuddler!


Alison with her doggy “assistant,” Fang!

Big thank you to Alison for joining us today and, as always, Happy Reading!
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