If you live on the earth, chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about the royal baby. First, crowds gathered and speculated when Kate — er, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge — would go into labor. Then there were rumors about a change in hospitals. Now that the little prince is finally here, everyone wants to get a look at him

Well, royal babies aren’t the only ones who are good at hiding! 

Where is Baby?
by Kathryn Galbraith
Illustrated by John Butler

Babies love to hide—beneath blankets, under tables, and behind chairs. And some babies are found in unexpected places. Like baby deer, who disappear in dappled spring sunlight. Or baby leopards, who scramble high in the African trees. Or baby elephants, who fade behind a forest of legs. But all babies, no matter where they are, can always be found by their loving parents.
Keep an eye out for this sweet new picture book from Kathryn Galbraith and John Butler, arriving October 2013!