Every year growing up my sister and I wished for snow on Christmas day.  We would have even been content for snow near Christmas, but Georgia weather just never obliged.  Now that I’m older, I usually appreciate the South’s temperate climate (especially in the morning when I have to walk the dogs), but I still hold a little hope in my heart for a white Christmas.

If you’re like me, and are seriously lacking in the snow department, you should check out Snow Day! by Lester Laminack.  The gorgeous illustrations by Adam Gustavson will help you pretend that you’re building snow forts and sledding—and you’ll be able to relate to the character’s disappointment when school isn’t cancelled.   I don’t want to give away the ending, but the surprise always brings a smile to my face.


After enjoying Snow Day! you might feel the need to create some snow yourself.  This year I decided to decorate with paper snowflakes.  Since it had been many, many years since I had been instructed in this art (and mine were turning out looking like mangled bits of paper), I found this great how-to on Instructables.  You can find it here.  If you are making snowflakes with young children, I suggest you use the larger piece of paper.  Even I was having trouble with the smaller size in the instructions, and I have pretty decent fine motor skills.
My attempt:
As you can see, mine don’t have quite the sophistication of the professionals, but they certainly bring some cold weather cheer to my house!