As we encounter people at trade shows or events, we’re always thrilled when someone says “I love Peachtree.” We cheerfully accept the compliment.

But this year, standing on the brink of our fortieth anniversary, we’ve taken a fresh look at our roots and at what we have grown into. We’ve examined what it means to be Peachtree—who we are, what we’re about, and why we’ve managed to thrive in the midst of a challenging, ever-changing industry.

We’ve decided that it comes down to our long-standing relationships and the genuine warmth and concern we have for our business.

We care about our authors and illustrators and their work. We want to help them develop their talents and grow creatively. We pay close attention to their careers and the right timing and positioning of their books in the marketplace. And we are grateful for their loyalty and support.

We care about our books. Even the smallest detail is important. We focus our combined attention on making each book the best it can be, in terms of editing, design, production, and manufacturing. We always strive for quality and durability. We want our books to be read many times, for many years after publication, so we strive to make them to last. We treasure our backlist. We spend a lot of time developing our books and want them to have long lives out in the world. In fact, the very first book Peachtree published is still in print.

We care about the librarians and educators and booksellers and reviewers who use and recommend our books. We care about YOU. We know you have countless choices when it comes to buying books, and we can’t thank you enough for supporting Peachtree and what we do. Here’s to forty more years!

With all good wishes,

Margaret M. Quinlin
President and Publisher