Happy Halloween from Peachtree!
Depending on who you ask, Halloween is all about the trick or it’s all about the treat! I’ve had a couple of scary trick-or-treating experiences, myself. One especially reminds me of the boy in Trick or Treat on Monster Street
When I was 8 years old, my family lived in a really big neighborhood where all the middle and high school kids would come to trick or treat (and to scare the little kids, like me). Halfway through the night, I got lost! Everywhere I turned, big kids were popping out from behind trees and spraying the little kids with silly string. I looked and looked but didn’t see any familiar faces!
Thankfully, I remembered my mom telling me about her friend in the house on the corner. I went up to her door not to ask for candy, but to ask for help! She walked me home and the big kids left me alone all the way there.
Just like the boy learned on Monster Street, even in the darkest and scariest of places, you can always find someone to help you find your way!
Check out Peachtree’s Halloween books featuring all your favorite monsters — the good ones and scary ones alike. Those who do our math homework and those who eat our peas. Those who should be avoided and those who are scared of us!

A boy’s dread of things that go bump in the night fills his head with monstrous thoughts. So when he is separated from his older brothers on Halloween night and finds himself along on Monster Street, he fears the worst!

What do you dread eating the most? For the boy in this story, it’s peas! It would seem his problem is solved when a hilariously disgusting monster appears and offers to eat the revolting peas in exchange for one little thing… the boy’s soccer ball. Every time peas appear on the boy’s plate, the monster’s demands escalate. How far will he go to avoid the offending vegetable he loathes?

The monster is back! Only this time, he’s doing a little boy’s math homework! At first, everything adds up perfectly. But when the boy’s math knowledge is tested at school, his troubles begin to multiply…

 What would you do if you found a hungry Gorg in the neighborhood bog? How would you get a Three-Toed Albanian Snoring Sock Bat out of your drawers? Professor LeGrand, the world’s foremost expert on monster diversity, will instruct you on the outrageous habits and appalling behavior of bizarre creatures such as the Sissyfoos, the Whichwayawawa, the Snurps and perhaps worst of all…Ralph, Ed and Joe!

Graveyard skeletons shake, rattle, and roll in this spirited Day of the Dead celebration featuring bold and colorful cut-paper illustrations.