All titles are hardcover unless otherwise noted.

Title Ages Rights Read online Tip Sheet Digital Cover Printable Cover
About Marine Mammals: A Guide for Children / TP 3-7 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Adventures with My Daddies 4-8 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Best Friend in the Whole World 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Bird Show 2-6 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Curious About Insects 2-6 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Girl Who Stole an Elephant, The 8-12 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Homer on the Case 8-12 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
It Can’t Be Done, Nelly Bly! / TP 7-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
King & Kayla and the Case of the Gold Ring 7-9 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Lillian’s Fish / TP 7-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Mars Is 6-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Nina Soni, Master of the Garden 7-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Nina Soni, Sister Fixer / TP 7-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
No! Said Rabbit 2-6 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
P. Zonka Lays an Egg / TP 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Perdu 4-8 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Rapunzel / TP 4-8 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Rodeo Red / TP 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Rosie Loves Jack 12-16 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Smile Shop, The 4-8 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Sobre los anfibios: Una guía para niños / TP 3-7 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Sobre los reptiles: Una guía para niños / TP 3-7 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Spi-ku: A Clutter of Short Verse on Eight Legs 8-12 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Stanley’s Lunch Box 2-6 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Stanley’s Toy Box 2-6 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Thingity-Jig, The 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Toad Weather / TP 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
What I Like About Me / TP 12-16 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
You Were Made for Me 12-16 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Backlist Spotlight: 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
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