All titles are hardcover unless otherwise noted.

Title Ages Rights Read online Tip Sheet Digital Cover
About Habitats: Polar Regions / TP 3-7 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
About Habitats: Tundras 3-7 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Abraham Lincoln’s Dueling Words  / TP 6-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Amara’s Farm 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Bird Count / TP 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Boo Stew 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
The Candy Mafia / TP 8-12 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg
Carter Reads the Newspaper / TP 6-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Curious About Fish 2-6 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Hansel & Gretel / TP 5-9 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg
Hey! A Colorful Mystery 2-6 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg
Lana Lynn and the New Watchdog 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Lemuel the Fool / TP 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
The Littlest Yak 4-8 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg
Mr. Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise / TP 8-12 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg
Nina Soni, Halloween Queen 7-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Nina Soni, Halloween Queen / TP 7-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Now You Say Yes 10-14 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Pretty Funny for a Girl / TP 12-16 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg
Pretty Rude for a Girl 12-16 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg
Red Truck, Yellow Truck 3-7 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg
Save the Crash-test Dummies / TP 8-12 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Seven and a Half Tons of Steel / TP 6-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
A Shelter for Sadness 4-8 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg
Sing Like No One’s Listening / TP 12-16 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg
Soccer Trophy Mystery 7-12 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Soccer Trophy Mystery / TP 7-12 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Spectacular Spots / Magníficas manchas 2-6 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Stanley’s Library 3-7 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg
Stanley y su camión de bomberos 3-7 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg
Stanley y su tren 3-7 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg
Yours for Justice, Ida B. Wells / TP 10-14 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
Backlist Spotlight: 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg
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