All titles are hardcover unless otherwise noted.

Title Ages Rights Read online Tip Sheet Digital Cover Printable Cover
Aalfred and Aalbert 4-8 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
About Habitats: Forests / TP 3-7 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
About Habitats: Rivers and Streams 3-7 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Bedtime in the Jungle / TP 2-6 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Bird Count 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians / TP 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Duck & Penguin Are Not Friends 4-8 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Fault Lines in the Constitution (Revised) 10+ World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Fault Lines in the Constitution (Revised) / TP 10+ World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
King of the Tightrope 6-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Lana Lynn Howls at the Moon 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Little Tigers 3-7 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Lula and the Sea Monster 4-8 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Mr. Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets 8-12 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Nina Soni, Former Best Friend 7-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller 2-6 USA .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Save the Crash-test Dummies 8-12 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Speed Demon 7-12 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Speed Demon / TP 7-12 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Stanley’s Train 3-7 USA and Canada .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Sweet Land of Liberty / TP 6-10 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Under the Snow / TP 4-8 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Backlist Spotlight: 14 Cows for America 12-16 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
Backlist Spotlight: 14 Vacas para América 12-16 World .pdf .pdf .jpg .jpg
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