The King of Bees — Resources

In The King of Bees, young Henry can’t wait until he can have a bee-suit of his own so he can help his Aunt Lilla with the sister bees. Like most young readers, Henry’s curiosity pushes him to learn more and to ask questions. The below resources are for readers and educators to learn more about bees, their habitats, and their keeping.

Let your curiosity lead you and find wonder in nature.



Online Resources for Educators

American Beekeeping Federation
Learn about the history and mission of the American Beekeeping Federation. Also find resources for lesson plans, videos,  games, and children’s books about bees.

The Bee Cause Project
Find hive installation tutorials, instructions on getting a hive grant, curriculum resources, and other program support.

Bee Girl
From beekeeping FAQs to bee events just for kids, Bee Girl helps everyone to get involved with bees.

The Bee Informed Partnership
Bee Informed is a not-for-profit collaboration that is working to understand the decline in the bee population in the United States. Find out more about their research methods and sign up for regular blog or email updates.

Discovery Education
A comprehensive lesson plan on bees for grades 6 – 8.

The Honey Bee Conservancy
Find lesson plans for all things bee, from pollination to bee communication.

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association
Find grade-specific lesson plans about honey bees and pollinators.

National Park Service
Find a middle school curriculum for a “Bee Week” that covers honey bees, flowers, and pollination.

PBS Learning Media
“Be a Bee” full lesson plan with additional resources.

Pollinator Partnership
Resources on pollinators, including honey bees, for anyone interested in beekeeping, pollinator-friendly gardening, and more.

Sweet Virginia
Find five lesson plans, each focused on a different aspect of the honey bee, with activities and additional readings and resources.



Workbooks & Activities

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Downloadable honey bee project and activity workbook.



Additional Reading & Listening

The American Bee Journal
The American Bee Journal is meant for hobby and commercial beekeepers and all those who are cultivating and sustaining bees and bee habitats.

Bee Culture
“The Magazine of American Beekeeping” has current articles on bees, beekeeping, and pollination.

Urban Farm
Episode 247 of this weekly podcast covers beekeeping for kids, and how to inspire the next generation of beekeepers.